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  1. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread Thank you Captain and BMC for your information. Yes this is actually what happens to me, I am playing in 3 game Worlds and beat everybody, not because I am good, just because nobody transfer the right players. You say you will get a Stadium expansion ??? Do you mean SM will fix it for you after one season ? Or just because stadiums capacity increase automaticly ? thanks again
  2. Re: New Set-Up Apply Here - Forum Only Chelsea Please. If it is for forum only, could you had a rule that we have to participate on the forum once a week ? It would be nice if the all setup write something every week on the forum, otherwise they get removed ... what do you think ?
  3. Re: VERTONGHEN or VERMAELEN I agree with the others go for vermaelen, even if I prefer verthonghen
  4. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread Hey guys, I want to create a Game with only small teams, and I saw you all start with no players and small stadiums. I want to know how your finances are doing ? Is it too easy, too hard ? How much do you earn per home game since new finance systems ? How many teams should I put in my setup ? Thanks if you can help me creating a good setup, you will be welcome of course !
  5. Re: Custom Game World That's good news. Thank you
  6. Re: How can I turn shots to goals? Why ? A lot of managed clubs play 442 as well
  7. Re: If You Had The Chance To Pick A Starting 11 Who Will You Pick? Good idea. I would pick: GK: Rui patricio LB: Santon (Inter) CB: Thiago Silva (Milan) CB:Santacroce (Napoli) RB: Richards (City) Wing: Wacott(Arsenal) CM: Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) CM: Marchisio (Juventus) Wing: C.Ronaldo (MU) FWD: Pato (Milan) FWD: Bojan (Barcelona)
  8. Re: Job For Life Hi. I would be happy with Roma or Sevilla. But, will you add special rules, or just classic game ?
  9. Re: England - Without the EPL? Are you still doing this ?
  10. Re: Division 4 challenge The problem is that you should have asked before creating the setup ... if you do a new one, I would like to join
  11. SORRY. I made a mistake , I really did not want to submit this thread. Please Admin delete it. Sorry again
  12. Re: Custom Game World Thank you very much Jokerboy. In case we invent special rules, like no more than 30 players per squad, or anything else, if I cannot kick players that do not respect the rules, is there a way to control it ? Or do we simply have to trust other managers ??
  13. Can you tell me how it works ? - Can you kick out managers that you do not want anymore ? - Can you choose how many divisions are in ? - No buy from unmanaged teams, does it include teams unavailable to manage ? thanks
  14. Re: WC Friendly Strange result, we should do it again next friendly
  15. Re: Small but important match report imporvment +1 This would be a key improvement to the game
  16. Re: WC Friendly We will see tomorrow. Celtic Vs Udinese So I am at home and will play 442, normal style exept for man behind ball, slow tempo, short passing. We should play this game 5 or 6 times to see the impact. Others should do the same with friendlies so it will be faster
  17. Re: WC Friendly Sorry, SM had too many problems when they moved, it has been bugging all the time for 3 days ... I suggest we start with something simple ... HOW TO IMPROVE BALL POSSESSION ? For this we should all play 442 normal setting. But the one who play AT HOME should put: Short passing Slow tempo That's it ... let us see if the one that play at home has more possession. We need around 10 matches By the way, who is in ? I have Celtic
  18. I think is has no sense that we cannot swap players that are on loan at the moment. If you want to bid for a player, you have to recall players on loan an try to swap them... and maybe the bid does not go trough ...
  19. Re: WC Friendly Ok, no problem, I changed the rules. Just take care you do not buy 4 RB, that's all.
  20. Re: WC Friendly You are right we need maybe a bit more players. However we should take care everybody gets at least 25 players.
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