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  1. Re: WC Friendly Yep all right. Do not buy all of them
  2. Re: WC Friendly Let's go for 85 !!
  3. Re: WC Friendly I think we should go for 85 instead, it is less expensive. What do you think ?
  4. Here we are my friends. 1. Sell your best players first to get more money. 2. Buy or swap 85 players only 3. Take car you do not buy 70 players, think about the others ! 4. Sign new 5 years contract for each 85 player
  5. Re: Guide to 352 formation No. I have tried against 451 many times, I do no recommend you Maybe we will try that in our setup but if it is away game and/or the other team is as good as yours it should not be the best way to counter 541
  6. I am trying to reduce salaries ... which ones should I sell ? CANELLA, Roberto 87 GEROMEL, pedro 88 DAVIES, Curtis 88 REVER, humberto 87 DI VAIO, Marco 89 FELIPE MATTIONI, Rhode 83 TOSIC, Zoran 86 ASAMOAH, Kwado 85 DELFOUNESO, Nathan 77 I got all of them before they went up, but they are still not good enough. Which ones have no chance getting higher ? Thank you
  7. Re: countering this 4-1-3-2 Your team has a good chance. But I will not put fast tempo to increase possession. If away game you should go for 451 counter attack
  8. Re: Guide to 352 formation
  9. Re: Guide to 352 formation
  10. Re: Guide to 352 formation thank you! 1. So, I have to be honest, I never ever tried AM playig DM. However AM play good as CM. Especially AM/CM. They can play CM in 352, and you should push them up. In my experience they play well. 2. I mean that the CM player should have at leat the same rating as your team average: If your team is average 91, and you put a 93 CM playing DM, he will perform well. If you put a 89, he HAS TO BE DM, because a 89CM in that case will perform horrible. The reason I mention this is that high rated DM is difficult to buy. However you should buy one for your starting XI. Then if he is injured for 4-5 matches, just put your highest rated CM playing DM. hope it helps
  11. Re: Guide to 352 formation The problems with advanced tactics is that you never really know the impact, it is more an average performance. I change to slow tempo short passing if winning, but I cannot tell you if it works because possession is calculated on the all match and I cannot see the evolution ...
  12. Re: Guide to 352 formation Yes I also push up every Mid if I am loosing at min. 75, switch to V attacking fast tempo, but I am not convinced it has an impact:)
  13. Re: Guide to 352 formation Thanks for your comments. This conclusion is maybe not statisticaly correct, that's why feedbacks are most welcome. However I wrote it because it is based on more than 200 games with different teams. The reason why I was able to compare CB and RB/LB is that I strongly prefer homogeneous ratings. I would rather have 5 players rated 90 than one 94, one 93 and 3 87. For example, I compared Marquez with Evra (playing both the "Left CB" of course) on 60 matches: Evra: 6.33 Marquez: 6.68 (Yes playing 352, Def do not perform well). I got the same conclusion for 4 or 5 pairs of players. I will update with stats later if my performances change, but I am convinced CB do slightly beter. You are right! I loose from time to time against very good 4411 for example, which is pretty unexpected. That's why I switch to 451 defensive for away games against the best teams. As I explained before, switching from 352 to 451 defensive is very easy. To which formation do you like to swich if 352 not steady enough?
  14. This post should help beginners to use 352 formation. I have used this tactic about 200-250 times and won some titles thanks to it. Any comments are welcome,I do not discuss Advanced tactics much because I am not sure of everything, but your feedbacks would be appreciated. Formation ------------------GK------------------- ---------CB-------CB-------CB--------- ------------------DM------------------- RM---------CM---------CM-----------LM -------------FWD------CF-------------- Can I play RB-CB-LB instead of CB-CB-CB? On average CB get 0.20 - 0.30 better average performance. So ... YES. There is no big difference, however if you can swap your RB LB for CB that have the same rating, go for it. Can I play Wings instead of RM/LM? If they have the same rating, choose RM/LM. However Wings will works fine. If you use wings, add a forward run. When you have a lot of injuries, AM will be OK on the flanks. If you have a 93 AM and you best RM is 88, choose the 93 AM. Can I play 2 FWD instead of FWD-CF? Yes of course, combine if you can. If not, 2 fwd would be good. I never tried 2 CF... Can I play CM instead of the DM? This may seem strange, but CM usually play well at DM if they are rated minimum the average of your squad. What are my most important players - DM, this is your most important player, having a good DM with this strategy give you more ball possession. - CB, as you have only 3 def, they should be good ... Against which tactics will I win most of the time ? Here is why 352 is a very good tactic ... 433: Probably the worst tactic against 352. You can get 65% possession easy 442: against unmanaged team for example, you beat them most of the time 3221/3412/4132/424/4222: You are favourite Against which formation should I change my tactic? Basically, the best counter to 352 is 451. In addition, if you play against a better team (+3/4 rated) or away against a +1/2 rated team you should take less risk... --> Change to 451 or 451 defensive. It should be easy for you because you just need to change 1 Fwd for 1Def Players to buy / Substitutes So this is what you should do: Get a high rated DM for your best starting XI. When you will buy substitutes go first for CM/DM, as they will cover 3 positions in your squad. Try to get 5 high rated Def: 3CB, 1RB, 1LB. This is because they can play in your fist team, but RB LB are usefull when you change your tactic to 451. The rest is up to you... Take into account that you will score a lot anyway, Fwd are not the most important for this tactic. Advanced tactics This will depend more on your opponent and on your players. If you want some suggestions to start using 352, try this: Mentality: Attacking (352 is about scoring 1 more goal that your opponent) Attacking style: Through the middel (yes you have 3 "central" Mid) Passing: up to you, never noticed big differences Pressing: All over (Because 5 Mid) Play maker: NO Target: Your CF or best Fwd The rest is up to you
  15. Re: Contesting Red Cards It would be realistic ... yes ... but how do you implement that ? How do you know if the player deserved the red card ? I think it will not add anything to the game. You will contest any card, 10% of the time you will win ... does not change anything !
  16. blabla


    Re: morale In order to improve morale, which contract does work best ? 1-2-3-4-5 years ? does it depend on the age of the player?
  17. Re: What's Wrong with Messi ???
  18. Hi, I manage Barcelona, 95 rated. Today I played 352 against Liverpool 442 and won 1-0 at home. Here is my team: _______________Rogerio Ceni Maicon____________Puyol____________Evra __________________Essien__________________ Jesus Navas____Iniesta____Xavi________Robinho ______________Eto________MESSI Iniesta & Robinho moving forward. Attacking style, through the middel, pressing all over, Messi is my target man. AND... Messi received a 3 :eek::eek: !!! This is not the first time he sucks. Last season Eto was by far better. Messi got planty of 5... However I have to mention that his morale is 52/100. My team is 90/100 average morale, as I always give 5 years contract to my best players and I am first of the league. The first season I gave Messi a 5 years contract, his moral stayed at 50/100. At the beginning of this season I gave him another 4 years contract and his morale went up from 50 to 52. Do you think his morale explain so poor performance? How do you play Messi? If his morale explains everyting what can I do more than winning cup championship and offer 5 years contract ? I am very interested to know what you guys think about Messi and how he performs .. Thank you
  19. Re: David Villa Still 95!!!! I think he is not as good as Ibrahimovic. He is not top scorer of his league, 8 of his goals are penalties, his club is even not sure to play champions league next year. If he payed in a better club of course he will rise, but from a SM point of view he is a 95
  20. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings What do you think about Nesta ?? Really cannot understand why he is not 93, same as Viera ...
  21. Re: David Villa Still 95!!!! Spanish rating are coming. But Villa Villa is staying at 95 anyway ...
  22. Hi, I have van bommel and can exchange him against Zarate. No one will play in my 94-95 average team. However I am thinking about the cup ... My question is: How long Van Bommel can hold his 92 ? I think Zarate go 90 this time, 91 next time but doubt he can reach 92-93 anytime soon ...
  23. Re: Eto Messi Henry positional changes Did'nt know about inter. Well actually I sold Henry and keita and got Essien and Robinho so I can play 352. 433 sucks at SM
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