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  1. Re: Axel WITSEL....Up or Down or flog? I watch it. Just ask whatever you want ... Concerning Defour, that s pretty much the same. He could play in a mid table club in the EPL, good german club or something similar. I cannot be sure of course, but I see Fellaini and Defour reaching max 91/92. Witsel has more potential. Howerver nobody knows how he will adapt when he moves to a big club. From a SM point of view the best bet is Fellaini, because he already plays in EPL, after Witsel, then Defour. Take into account that they both have long term contract. Maybe one of them will move to a bigger club in the summer but not the 2 of them !
  2. Re: Axel WITSEL....Up or Down or flog? Of course. But I bet he will. He plays in the same club Fellaini did and target a move to the same kind of club as Everton. He is without doubt better (more complete player, faster)
  3. Re: Eto Messi Henry positional changes I think we could discuss on this a long time and I understand your view... But my main observation is that if you take control of barcelona you will not be able to accomodate the best players in their first position ! In addition at SM you will never the ball even will slow tempo and short passing playing 433. So, or you make new tactics or you change the position of the players, which seems easier
  4. When you look at Barcelona squad, I think something is wrong: There is no RM, LM, Wing (Hleb never plays). So if you put the players to their primary position you cannot reproduce the 433 Wingers they play in real life (If you think they play 433 "normal", have a look tomorrow, Yaya plays DM, Messi and Henry play VERY VERY wide, nearly on the line). In conclusion I think change is needed: Eto: CF Messi : Wing/Fwd Henry: Fwd/Wing I can discuss on W/F or F/W but I think those 3 players do NOT play all as Fwd. What do you think ?
  5. Re: B Team B team is not your reserves players, but more the ones that are not playing except if you have a lot of injuries. In your case, Robinho will stay in your A team. Gudjhonsen will move to B team. Look in real life every team has about 20-25 players in A team. The rest go to B team, except for young players that go to young team.
  6. In order o organise the team better,it should be usefull to add a B team. Here are the advantages : - Users organize teams better and have a clear vision of their players. - It would be very easy to implement in the game, because technically it is the same as the youth team. - It allows other clubs to see which players can be bought easily. What do you think ?
  7. Re: Cheater and SM wont do anything - Help! I reported twice. Just send a ticket and explain the deals he made. They will cancell the transferts and put the other guy repututation down to 25
  8. Re: Villa & Mata..! Mata plays like 91 but will get 90 this time for sure. Villa will stay IMO because Valencia did nothing impresive in european cup and will probably finish 4th of the league. His stats are awesome, but he scored 8 penalties in championship.
  9. blabla


    Re: Help Kaka -> 97 Messi -> 98 I would do the deal because you get 97 98 for 97 96 (and you get the best player in the world), however it depends on your team. Do you have another CF rated 94+ ? if yes, do the deal. If not you should keep Torres because CF score more than Fwd.
  10. Re: Who should I buy ? thxs mate. Are they both going up next changes ?
  11. Here is some talented players available in my GW that I can buy cash: Cassano Felipe Melo Kuzmanovic Hernanes Ireland Luis Suarez Thiago Silva Fellaini Lavezzi Rossi Godin I can buy 2 of them for the future, nobody will be in my first team. Which one do you prefer ?
  12. Is it worth buying him. How long can he hold a good rating (92-93) ? thanks
  13. Re: Robinho for Hleb + Keita yep I d like Ribery but he's not available. Thanks for your answers
  14. Re: Robinho for Hleb + Keita I actually have barcelona and want to buy a wing. So I am the one who offer Hleb and Keita to get Robinho... I guess according to u it s agood deal then
  15. Should I do the deal ? I know Hleb will go down but what about keita ? thx
  16. I can buy him cash, but I want to know if he is going down next changes and at mid term ?? thank you
  17. Re: SANDRO RANIERI, Guimaraes Ok I see. However they are supposed to review the summer league in June, that would mean the main leagues are not reviewed more than the others...
  18. Re: SANDRO RANIERI, Guimaraes I do not understand this ! :S So they are reviewing section 4 to section 9. When they are done with section 9 what will happen ? I tought they will start again section 1(brasil) ? Did I miss something ? thanks!
  19. Re: Maazou or Diabate You should wait 1 week because it is not sure maazou moves to russia this week. Actually he had to stay untill the end of the saison (june) and then go to CSKA. But now the situation is not clear if he moves this week or wait untill june... Anyway wait 1 week (russian transfers close on saturday) If he stays in belgium he will rise to 85 If he moves to russian you will have to wait longer
  20. I have to give G Milito [93] (the defender) & Hleb [93] I know they are both going down but what will happen to Milito when he will recover, do you feel he will go up again ?
  21. Re: is it a good deal for essien ? I changed the deal to Essien = Henry + 10m (I do not really care about the 10m) Henry is not gonna drop but he is getting old. Do you think this is a better deal than Essien = Hleb + Keita ? thank you
  22. Re: Rising DM Thx for your ideas. I already have hamsik. Busquets, kacar and diarra are unavailable... Maybe a CM/DM will be good (usually they play well in DM position). Any suggestion as I cannot buy the other ones ?
  23. Hi, I have 10-15m to buy a DM who will rise in the next future. Who should I buy ? I was thinking about Gargano, who's team is unmanaged .. thx
  24. I could buy him for 8m + Hleb + Keita Do you think I should do it ?
  25. Hi, I need a CF and can buy cash Gilardino or Luis Fabiano for the same amount. Which one do you recommand me ? thx
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