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  1. This is the last post I will put up for NEW WORLD ORDER. If you have no idea what this is about.......on you tube type NEW WORLD ORDER GAME WORLD SOCCER MANAGER


    Also there is a blog www.nwo-league.cf

    Myself and Kev Wright have planned and organised this carefully vetting applicants to avoid cheats and get the best possible people in. We also have a very experienced soccer m panel that help with recruitment identifying any suspect accounts. Managers history is studied (managers who don't commit and quit teams early need not apply), and the panel then make a decision on each applicant. 15 managers have been rejected.  Managers do not choose teams. Instead there will be a Live draw in London to decide who gets what similar to the champions league and FA CUP draw, (except it's in the pub)

    Contact Myself or Kev Wright or join an empty GW 363478 where you will find me and can add me.







  2. NWO - UPDATE as of 04/08/2017     we have 81 managers signed up and interest is starting to peak...The quality of managers is very high, all very good history and staying long term at clubs. I think we will be full with a waiting list in the next 7 days so if you are interested or want to know more get in touch. There is the blog and the you tube video or via the forum.




  3. we are up to 65 managers and a really good standard. The managers so far are comprised of people in the best managers charts, Gold managers and known managers from custom GWs. Trophy hauls aren't the what I'm looking for but people with decent history who stay for the long term. Encouragingly the managers seem to be coming from different parts of the world which adds an extra dimension. Once the blog is up and running I wil post further details..

  4. UPDATE as of July 31st...59 managers have signed up which is good considering the GW isn't built and the Blog has yet to go up> ETA for the blog should be around 7-14 days. I have been very careful with the selection of managers and will continue that process. A further addition.....the lucky dip draw to decide who gets what team will be at undecided venue....with the help of one other manager. Pictures will go on the blog to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the draw.

  5. Guys I'm in a GW that's pretty empty  and this would be a good way to find me, add me as a friend and we can communicate more easily. THE GW is 363478. You could turn up add me and then leave the gw if you wanted. Just a thought...and for any new prospective managers also

  6. An update on New World Order. The GW is due to open January 1st 2018 but we may consider bringing it forward depending on numbers. We have 44 managers signed up at present. If you would like to know more you can message me here, you can click on YOU TUBE and type NEW WORLD ORDER GAME WORLD SOCCER MANAGER, or you can add me as a friend. A lot of planning and preparation is going into this GW in terms of which managers are recruited, the structure of the GW in terms of rules and challenges and also with the interactive  blog that will run parallel to the GW. 




  7. I am planning a new GW called New World Order to begin January 1st. It will be a world championship with a twist. The five big leagues, Spain, England, Italy, France and Germany will have 7 representatives. 35 teams. Another 15 countries from around the world will have 3 representatives making 45 + 35 =80. The final 20 teams will be unusual sides with large stadiums. All corners of the globe will be represented. The teams with the biggest squad value ie Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chlsea etc will start in Div 5 and the teams with least Squad value will begin in Division 1. Div 5 teams will only be able to buy players up to 84 rating, Div 4-86, Div 3-88, Div 2, 90, Div 1 92. THe big teams will not be able to buy their way out of trouble or monolpolise the market. Managers will have to work with what they have, improve their tactics and develop their scouting system. There will be a squad cap of 50. No hogging of players. Finally, you will not choose your team. 100 managers will go into a lucky dip and the team assigned will be random. Managers who quit leagues after a few games need not apply. I am looking for serious, committed managers who want to be part of something special for the long term. I have a a very good group of around 40 managers that are honest, trustworthy and reliable and I need another 60 or so. If you feel this challenge is something you would want to be part of send me a message. I will be preparing aspreadsheet and blog, and all managers will be subject to strict vetting.

  8. The new GW Second rate is open and just 5 teams left. The gw is comprised of 2nd division teams from around the world split into 3 divisions of 14 according to the size of their stadium. Each team has 40 million to spend. Managers have been carefully selected to ensure a fun, enjoyable and slightly alternative Soccer Manager experience. 

  9. This week end I will be creating a GW called Second Rate comprised of teams playing in the 2nd tier of their respective countries league. I have 36 managers so far who have already chosen their team. Teams from Europe, South and North America, Asia, Africa have been picked. Depending on interest I could extend the GW. Each team will be given 40 million spending money and teams will be allocated a division depending on the size of their stadia, so for example Busan I park will be in Div 1. My team, Miami will be In the lowest division. If you would like to take part reply here with your preferences....give a few options as 36 are taken. The managers involved are all gold managers or known respected managers hand picked.

  10. Hi Briann


    I will create it this Saturday. I have reached my target of 36 managers so you would make 37. In this case I would be happy to extend it to 40 or 42. At the moment I have 3 divisions of 12 but If I get more interest I can be flexible. The following teams have been taken......Dalian Yifang, Leones Negros, Dussledorf, Busan I Park, Internacional, Nurnberg, Xinjiang Tianshan Leopards, Tokyo Verdy, Kaiserlauten, Huracan, Nagoya Grampus, Aston Villa, Sheff W, Lens, Palermo, Real Zaragoza, Middlesborough, Deportivo Pereira, Servette, Circle Brugges, St Pauli, Bochum, Guarani, Sporting Gigon, Neuva Chicago, Real Valladollid, Auxerre, Parma, Levante, Chicarito Juniors, Miami, Warri Wolves, JEF United, Lierse, Sparta Rotterdam, Phoenix Rising......if 4 or 6 managers respond here or you know good honest managers that would be interested please reply on here with your chosen team. In the interest of diversity I am discouraging English, German and Spanish teams and would welcome teams from Africa, the Middle East, or leagues such as Russia.

  11. I am creating a new GW called Second Rate comprised of 2nd div teams from around the world. I have 32 managers so far and ideally another 4 would be good to make up 3 divisions of 12. Each team will be given £40 million to spend.

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