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  1. Could Merino go up to 91? He is been one of the best midfielder in Spain for the last two season now
  2. Very long term world, can you rank: 1)Jonathan David 2)Unuvar+Demir 3)Unuvar+Arezo 4)Hlozek
  3. Could McKennie go up to 89 or is it too much?
  4. How good will he be for you? Top class?
  5. Your thoughts on J.David? Could still became a top in his role?
  6. Can you rank: Odin Holm Jakub Kaminski Parmentier Van der Brempt Broja
  7. Long long term world Tagir+J.Kaminski+Sesko or Paredes?
  8. Watched the Beerschot-Anderlecht game yesterday; one take away on all, what a player Ismaila Coulibaly will be..
  9. Saw that Chrisene is playing LB regularly. Do you think that he changed his role for good?
  10. Do you think Vanaken could go away from Belgium and increse his rating or he will stay at Bruges and keep his rating for all his career?
  11. Can you rank: De Jong Havertz Bruno Aouar Also, do you think McKennie will have a rise due to his move?
  12. Weston Mckennie to Juventus. For me great deal. What do you think?
  13. Long Term GW Torreira or Gigovic+Nkounkou+Musaba+Chrisene?
  14. What do you think about Dolberg? Should I get him in a swap deal with Vanheusden?
  15. Hi! How much do you rate Matheus Nunes?
  16. Luis Alberto has been one of the best player of the league in this first months.. how could they miss him?
  17. Do you know when will he appear?
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