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  1. There is no chance for Lewis Cook to get 87? 86 for sure?
  2. What do you think about them? How many will rise and how much? Carlos Salcedo Biraghi Mascarell Luis Alberto Gabriel Appelt Ampadu Lewis Cook McKennie
  3. I'd like to add: Jonathan Gonzalez, key player of mexican team Monterrey that ended at the first place in the Mexican Apertura. There was a battle between USA and Mexico for him, the kid eventually choose El Tri. In my opinion will be one of the best DM in the world in a couple of years. Harry Cochrane, 16 years old and already a starter for Hearts in the Scotaland Premiership, one of the best talent of the new scottish generation.
  4. How good is this kid according to you? Is he a must buy?
  5. Ruben Semedo+Von Drongelen or Marko Rog?
  6. Is he still worth buy in a very competitive world?
  7. Do you know why Stafylidis is not playing?
  8. Do you think that McKennie could go on a +10? He is practically a starter for Schalke
  9. How much do you think this players will rise:AmpaduMcKennieTeteBattagliaLuis AlbertoAmadou HaidaraYaziciAnd also, which one of this players would you keep/seel:WeghorstCartabiaRiverosMichelinKhammasBenyuKentSrarfiIngelssonHackMergim BerishaCasapDamascan Ache Very very competitive gw
  10. How much do you think this players will rise: Ampadu McKennie Tete Battaglia Luis Alberto Amadou Haidara Yazici And also, which one of this players would you keep/seel: Weghorst Cartabia Riveros Michelin Khammas Benyu Kent Srarfi Ingelsson Hack Mergim Berisha Casap Damascan Ache Thanks in advance
  11. Dean Henderson is a good prospect? One to keep?
  12. Ramiro Guerra and Christian Rivera are good talent to keep? And Radoja could rise?
  13. What do you think about Jan Repas? Is a good talent?
  14. Which one you would keep Baluta Zesiger Michelin Khammas Benyu Ruegg Demaku Oblyakov Rolon Jallow Ingelsson Gjorgjev Srarfi Casap Serkan Bakan Mergim Berisha Krstovic Damascan Ragnar Ache
  15. Jonathan Silva or Nicolas Tagliafico?
  16. Does anyone know how can I rise my level?
  17. What do you think of Jonathan Gonzalez of Monterrey? At 18 he is one of the best players of the league. And, if someone can on soccerwiki, could you change his position? He is a CDM not a RB..
  18. What about Weghorst and Gjorgjev?
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