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    FORAG reacted to sirmarkhughes in Under 21 player discussion   
    18 yold Ethan Ampadu signs for RB Leipzig on a one-year loan deal from Chelsea FC.

    source: https://www.dierotenbullen.com/de/aktuelles/neuigkeiten/Saison_2019_20/Neuzugang-Ethan-Ampadu.html
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    FORAG reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    KRC Genk has good players on the wing-position with Nygren, Paintsil, Benson, Bongonda and Ito. He is for the moment not first choice, but big chance he is going to be a nr.1 on the right wing position.
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    FORAG got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Can someone change Brandon Soppy age on SW? He is a 2002
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    FORAG got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in Under 21 player discussion   
    I have a couple of name that for me are very good, you should check on them: 
    Efrain Alvarez, Benjaming Nygren, Mohamed Daramy, Luca Unbehaun, Zlatan Sehovic, Josha Vagnoman, Georgi Tsitaishvili, Nicolo Fagioli, Paul Glatzel, Maxence Caqueret, Antony, Vladislyav Supriaha, Brandon Soppy.
    I scouted them for my GW, I think some of them could became very good.
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    FORAG reacted to Kev in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Bednarek 86.
    Vanheusden certainly 80, maybe 82 depending on which review he's a part of (Belgian will be soon - hopefully! - so might limit him to 80. If they wait until the Italian review and he starts the remaining games then maybe 82).
    For now I'd say Bednarek is a safer option because he's already a starter for a club in one of the big 5, whereas it's unsure what will happen to Vanheusden after his loan finishes.
    I'd keep the players you listed, but probably sell Giroud when his ban ends. So maybe keep the money for now to buy a replacement. Or you could play Martial up front and Suso in Martial's place which seems the best option. 
    Look out for players in the Russian and Belgian leagues because they should be reviewed soon. If you can pick up a few youngsters with that 4.5m you should be able to double your money at least. Again, check the predictions on page one, and look at @TMCosta's thread for cheap young risers from those leagues.
    For me that'd depend on the rest of your team, but I'm guessing it's pretty strong if Dembele would only be 4th or 5th choice. If so get Umtiti. If not then that 19m could come in handy, not to mention the money you'd get for selling Dembele when his ban is up! Are there other good LBs available? Mendy has loads of promise, he just can't stay fit. 
    My thoughts in bold...
    Duo for me... possibly depending on which Wolf you mean and what depth you have. 
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    FORAG reacted to Donatr in Rahul W's rating predictions   
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    FORAG got a reaction from ombarcagunners in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Could someone change the age of Brandon Soppy on SoccerWiki, he is born in 2002
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    FORAG reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Not everything is about football. Music is something who brings each to each other.
    This is also because a topic with only text is maybe boring  
    Just listen and enjoy
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    FORAG reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    atm, Rodri, Alberto, Lingz, Wij, VDB
    Masch will drop soon
    yes intriguing 
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    FORAG got a reaction from ProfeQuintero in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    What do you think about them? How many will rise and how much?
    Carlos Salcedo
    Luis Alberto
    Gabriel Appelt
    Lewis Cook
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    FORAG got a reaction from Ziro in WONDERKIDS   
    I'd like to add:

    Jonathan Gonzalez, key player of mexican team Monterrey that ended at the first place in the Mexican Apertura. There was a battle between USA and Mexico for him, the kid eventually choose El Tri.
    In my opinion will be one of the best DM in the world in a couple of years.

    Harry Cochrane, 16 years old and already a starter for Hearts in the Scotaland Premiership, one of the best talent of the new scottish generation.
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    FORAG got a reaction from ombarcagunners in Worldwide Risers   
    How good is this kid according to you? Is he a must buy?
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    FORAG reacted to arsenalrocs in Worldwide Risers   
    Semedo and Van Drongelen.
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    FORAG got a reaction from Liverp00l in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    Luis Alberto 89?
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    FORAG reacted to Third in New players added   
    Don't know him enough, apparently doing a quick search he looks interesting as was recently signed by Dortmund (a team who really cares about youth players) and also called with Germany u20 youth team but I have not heard much more
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    FORAG reacted to Ziro in Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread   
    You should keep Guerra (great potential, he only needs some more minutes of game) and Rivera too (he looks promising)
    It is hard to believe in a rise for Radoja. 

    Best young LaLiga player, in my opinion is Unai Nunez. 
    An alternative for Radoja is Carlos Soler (potential rise to 85)
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    FORAG reacted to Sir Rahul in The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread   
    yep, should get +4 to 82
    should stay
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    FORAG reacted to Ziro in Worldwide Risers   
    Keep the following:
    Mergim Berisha
    Ragnar Ache

    You can sell the rest, buy other young prospects. 
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    FORAG reacted to TMCosta in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Jon Silva...Coentrão misses a lot of matches
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    FORAG reacted to thorgan lesar in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Yari Verschaeren
    => One of the biggest talents in the youth of Anderlecht. He is still very young (you know that), he is frequently important for the -17 of Anderlecht & the national team -17. What I learned these period is that there is no one of such a young age of Belgium (Jupiler Pro League) in the database of Soccer Manager.
    => He got his first pro-contract one month ago in Anderlecht on the moment he got 16 years old. He is a good technic player, but the most surprising he has is his intelligence on the field. One big advantage is that he can run a lot in 1 game. You can talk about 11 à 12 km.
    => So if he continue like that and developp step by step, he will be in 1 - 2 years a new Belgian "wonderkid". It seems logical etc, but if he works hard he will get there.
    => Often he was chosen as best player on a tournament for youngsters.
    These is easy to say, but I see him as follower of Youri Tielemans.
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    FORAG reacted to tupac_healy in Belgian football (Season '19-'20) + 22 other countries (for example The Netherlands)   
    Was just coming on to ask the same! A Belgian chap that plays in our GW rates him very highly...
    Would still be nice to get some more thoughts 
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    FORAG reacted to Third in Worldwide Risers   
    My thoughts
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    FORAG reacted to Franklyn in A new ambitious project, we aim to the best!   
    Hi all!
    Most of you already know me, I'm Franklyn from Italy and I play SM since 2011.
    I wrote this topic to present a project for a new custom. The intention is to create a custom open to all users, a very competitive and easy to play, without difficult rules. 
    The idea is to create a custom designed to grow in time, perfect to create step by step your own dream team.

    In my SM career I realized that you no need particular rules to create a "thrilling" custom, you just need the right people. About that, I don't need people that just need one more team, I need people that want to take a club and make it become a brilliant team.
    Just one, simple rule: max 60 players for each team. The best teams in the world, chosen according to history and glories.  3 series and minum 60 managers (I'd like to get up to 80)      I have not yet thought about how the teams will be assigned, this is the last of my thoughts. So whoever only wants one more team is not in the right place.

    If you want to take part leave a comment and keep up to date.
    Thank you,


    Magic Fonta
    Samuele Picariello
    Kevin Mask
    Christian Iero
    Marco Scotti
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