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  1. Hi Costa. Will you be doing the big 5?
  2. Any players that are certain to rise to 90+?
  3. You deserve a Nobel prize for your work bro šŸ…
  4. Sorry, any of the risers on your list expected to get above 80?
  5. TM Costa, any Swedish risers expected to rise above 80+?
  6. This is awesome. Thanks looking forward to seeing more
  7. Any idea which league will be reviewed after Brazil?
  8. Any chance you could include their current rating in your posts? Awesome work bro. Think your predictions will be close from what I can see
  9. Aleksandr Golovin or Leon Bailey? Lewis Dunk or Jamaal Lascelles?
  10. Iā€™m looking to buy Lenglet. I see his birthday is approaching when he will turn 24. Should I try and buy him after his birthday in the hope his value will drop? Or what happens to players value when they turn 24? Can I save abit of money trying to buy him between his birthday and his rise?
  11. Please help me. Harry Maguire or Declan Rice Harry Kane or Marcus Rasford & Lucas Torreira?
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