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  1. I reported it as bug, hopefully SM can fix it soon.
  2. Sorry to ask this here but since this is the most active thread, I hope someone can help. Did anyone has this bug before: So I have Davy Klaassen in my club but when I go on "Tactics" menu I have 2 Davy Klaassen (duplicated), and if I put one of them in the starting 11 or on the bench, leave the other one off the squad for the match and save, when I return later it is bugged and it put the second Klaassen right below the 1st one (so if I put him to play number 6 the other goes below him as well as number 6 but takes the spot in the squad of whoever is at number 7 and the number 7 takes the spot of number 8 etc...) so whoever players are after Klaassen are mixed and out of position... Here is a screenshot:
  3. Guys, need some opinions. Would you swap Jovic and Paqueta for Frenkie de Jong?
  4. Guys, is there anyone who knows what's happening with Hassane Bande from Ajax. I know Ajax bought him last summer after a good season in Belgium but he got injured and didn't play for the whole season. Is he healed, can he become a regular for Ajax from the new season?
  5. De Vrij + Nicolas Pepe for Leroy Sane, thoughts?
  6. I am hoping for a Barca-Ajax final too. 🙂 And in any other scenario I would want Ajax to lift the trophy, but in this case they will be against my favorite team... soo yeah
  7. Do you think Lucas Moura has any chance of rising next review because of Spurs performance this season - top 4 and of course CL semis (maybe final we'll see tomorrow night, but probably not)?
  8. Thanks for the opinions, guys! I decided to go for the deal, because it's very hard to sign a world class GK, and I know I'm giving up on one of the best defenders at the moment but still have decent replacement for him and I can try to sign someone else in the future.
  9. I tried, but the thing is that the guy is willing to accept only this offer.
  10. Happy new year, guys! Can I get your opinion on this deal in a very competitive: Strakosha + Koulibaly for Oblak I am buying Oblak. As you can tell I have Strakosha, but I play Buffon but he is for very short term and I am not sure in the potential of Strakosha, while Oblak is one of the best at the moment. Right now my starting centre-backs are Kolibaly and Umtiti, if I do the deal I am left with Umtiti and De Vrij. What do you think, should I do it?
  11. Oxlade-Chamberlain + Lucas Torreira or Dani Carvajal in a very competitive GW?
  12. Would you swap Ox for Robertson or Maguire? If yes for who from the 2?
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