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  1. Dybala and Umtiti for Mbappe, opinions?
  2. Thanks for the opinions, guys! I decided to go for the deal, because it's very hard to sign a world class GK, and I know I'm giving up on one of the best defenders at the moment but still have decent replacement for him and I can try to sign someone else in the future.
  3. I tried, but the thing is that the guy is willing to accept only this offer.
  4. Happy new year, guys! Can I get your opinion on this deal in a very competitive: Strakosha + Koulibaly for Oblak I am buying Oblak. As you can tell I have Strakosha, but I play Buffon but he is for very short term and I am not sure in the potential of Strakosha, while Oblak is one of the best at the moment. Right now my starting centre-backs are Kolibaly and Umtiti, if I do the deal I am left with Umtiti and De Vrij. What do you think, should I do it?
  5. Oxlade-Chamberlain + Lucas Torreira or Dani Carvajal in a very competitive GW?
  6. Would you swap Ox for Robertson or Maguire? If yes for who from the 2?
  7. Sorry for the spam but since that probably will be my only chance to mention it, I will take it - I'M TOP OF THE LEAGUE!
  8. I can buy one of Emre Can, Goretzka, Fabinho, Tolisso, Rabiot. Who should I pick?
  9. Gabriel BOSCHILIA + Mahmoud Dahoud for Mariano Diaz, what do you think?
  10. But it's better business. In this market 41m is almost nothing, so for me it's better to have 21 y/o Malcom with big potential for 41m and not huge wages than 30 y/o Willian for around 70m and huge wages. (I'm not counting Griezmann because he chose himself to stay at Atletico so Barca couldn't do anything else to change his mind)
  11. Ndombele or Aouar? Alisson or Rico + Alaba + Ndombele/Aouar
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