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  1. Well I have not had this team and has yet to find a formation that suits my team.This Is where you guys come in;) I will show you my team and then you can maybe help me GK-Iker CASILLAS 96 LB-Joan CAPDEVILA 92 MARCELO 90 RB-Garcia SERGIO RAMOS 95 Angel MICHEL SALGADO 88 CB-Ferriera PEPE 93 LM-Roysten DRENTHE 88 DM-Lassana DIARRA 90 CM-Michael ESSIEN 95 Wesley SNEIJDER 94 Fernando GAGO 91 Wing-Frank RIBERY 95 Arjen ROBBEN 92 Fwd-Thierry HENRY 95 Gonzalo HIGUAIN 90 CF-Ruud VAN NISTELROOY 96 Jan-Klass HUNTELAAR 92 Alberto GILARDINO 9
  2. Re: Higuain??? Do it quick then before the other manager changes his mind
  3. Re: Higuain??? If you're getting Higuain then definetly do the deal because JO is most likely going down to 89 and Higuain is most likely to go up to 91
  4. Re: Higuain??? All of you are repped apart from MuntasirT because "I must spread some reputatation before I can rep you again" I am just waiting for the Real Madrid manager to reply.
  5. Re: Higuain??? As someone suggested before should I swap Lavezzi+Cash for Higuain?
  6. Re: Higuain??? I was slightly leaning towars Chiellini too! Oh and by the way I fogot to mention the players I have out on loan:Marin,Mata,Walcott and Lavezzi
  7. There is so much hype about this player that I don't want to miss out on him but is it worth me signing him for 17 Million when I already have: Nasri,Gourcuff,Robben,Anelka,Kanoute and Huntelaar? OR Should I sign Chiellini for 21 Million because CB is my weakest in depth position beacuse I only have: Gallas.Chivu and Westermann. I can only sign one of these. WHO SHOULD I BUY? Replies won't go unoticed;)
  8. Re: Opinion on this tactic for Chelsea Well you have kinda contredicted yourself by setting your mentality as Attacking and then your passing style Direct but then having your tempo as Slow;this seems a bit odd.Word of advice,think your tactics over to make sure you they are right. Other than that I have been very successfull with the 4-2-3-1 formation aswell:)
  9. Re: Demeichel Well I wouldn't sell him just yet, wait and see how he performs and then get a verdict on him. As for the Van Der Vaart deal don't do this because he is likely to decrease in the next rating changes.But If he doesn't then I would try that deal;)
  10. Re: rep for advice =trade MARCOS SENNA, Antonio for VAN BOMMEL, Mark If it was me I wouldn't sell Senna because he is stil important in the Spain NT and key for Villareal so I see his rating staying the stay with a slight chance of 95
  11. Re: José María GUTI will he drop I think he has got a chance of dropping because he has fallen out of peaking order at Real now.
  12. Re: Cheapy RM for my little team I dont know any Rms but I do know a couple of Wingers Velazquez 74 El Ghanassy 74
  13. Re: Should I do this??? Yes do the Motta deal as he has proven that he is very athletic and capable of taking over Cicinhos place at RB while he is injured. As for the Cavenaghi deal I would definetly do this because Cavenaghi is simply a lot better and should have gone up to 91 in the recent rating changes and also I am a big admirer of him.
  14. Re: Micah Richards At the moment he is not worth buying because he will probably go down to 89 but when he starts performing again he should get that 90 back.So don't buy him just yet!
  15. Re: Need a goalkeeper that will rise for sure..= REP Valdes 92/91-Purely on the fact that Barcelona are doing so well this season Palop 91>92 Renan 88>89/90 Diego Lopez 90>91 Leo Franco 90>91
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