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  1. Re: BEBE Correia His agent is Jorge Mendes (agent of Ronaldo' date=' Mourinho and just about every brilliant Portuguese player around). Utd could have signed him for much less just weeks before they did, before he was under contract with Mendes. [url']http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/david-conn-inside-sport-blog/2011/jan/20/manchester-united-bebe[/url]
  2. ...and that was just my total. Opposition managed 19 shots, 8 on target. We drew 0-0! I've got Villa, Ronaldo and Robben playing in a 4-3-3 wingers formation, tempo set to mixed. Can't believe I didn't score one goal with that many shots. Can anyone beat 52 (with no goals)?!
  3. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? "Look at [sergio] Busquets – the best midfielder there is playing one-touch. He doesn't need more. He controls, looks and passes in one touch." Xavi Hernandez.
  4. Re: Squad Sizes Personally, I've got a load of good players I rarely use...but so do four or five other managers in my league who are my main 'rivals'. I recognise this is going to ultimately damage the long-term future of my setup because other teams will just give up as they can't get hold of any of the best players. But if I sell my excess baggage then all that will happen is that my rivals will snap them up and so neither I, nor the setup, benefits. At best, the setup stays the same while I lose out. Slap a cap on (say 60 - 30 first team / 30 youth team) and that wealth gets spread. It f
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm considering swapping my Sneijder and Chiellini for another manager's Iniesta. I'm unsure because I think Sneijder will go up and because younger centre backs who are 94+ are few and far between. Is Chiellini likely to keep his rating? But I know Iniesta's a great player, so am torn on what to do!
  6. Re: Busquets Depends who else you've got and how much money is valued in your setup. I've got him and I'm holding on to him. He's young, he's first choice for Barcelona and first choice for the World Champions, Spain. He'll rise in the next changes and while he's not everyone's cup of tea I think he's a future 94 (possibly more).
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cheers - I've pm'd him back telling him that I'm none too keen on his offer! Wouldn't mind, but I thought my original deal was pretty fair both ways!
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... A manager in my setup wants Vucinic from my side (offered me £16m). I sent him a PM back suggesting I'd swap my Vucinic and Pablo Hernandez for his Navas (so I'm offering a 92 and a good 90 for a solid 92). He's just countered asking for Dzeko, Vucinic AND £15m for Navas?! Am I alone in thinking that's taking the mick, a little bit?!
  9. Re: Can't sign into Soccer Manager at all ??? It's a strange one - seems to be ok for some but not the rest of us?! I know someone who's been pm'ing me for the last 10 mins, so he has to be logged in. Won't let me get near it either tho. Odd.
  10. Is anyone else having problems logging into the game site? Not sure if it's just me, but every time I try to login I keep getting thrown back to the demo screen? Weird?!
  11. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Was thinking about Pique this morning...is there a chance he might even hit 93? Champions League winner, regular for his country (who are one of the best countries in the world)...I know it would be a big leap but aside from that, he's surely not 4 points worse than Puyol / Vidic (I expect Ferdinand to drop)?
  12. Re: Top players playing poorly? Updated, after tonight's games. Well, I made sure Villa was in the right position. Took him off being a target man / playmaker role...guess what?! Another 4. Ho hum. Crazy thing is, the 4-4-2 (while not daring, I know - but I switched back after stopping getting results in other formations) has worked a dream. I just finished 2nd in the league having been some way off when I took over. Villa was one of the first signings I made, to try and get some more goals, but no matter what I do with him it just doesn't seem to work out. I almost wonder if there's s
  13. Re: Top players playing poorly? Hmm...Villa was set as playmaker, will change that. Cheers. No explanation for Alves, mind! It's bloody annoying and seems to be just a random decision to make them rubbish. Grrr...
  14. Does anyone know why superb players, playing in position, play so poorly so often? I've got a straight 4-4-2 with David Villa up top with Eto'o. Eto'o is hitting 7s, 8s and 9s every week but Villa's last five games read 4-4-3-5-3. I've tried resting him, then bringing him back after a week or so out. He's starting with full morale and at 100% fitness. I also have Dani Alves at right mid and his latest ratings are 5-4-4-4-5. Again, he starts with full morale and fitness. My team's doing fine, but Villa and Alves are playing rubbish for no reason that I can fathom. Anyone got any ideas?!
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