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  1. Hello Son, found myself on the forum for some reason and and to my great surprise and pleasure i  couldn't help notice your still alive  ;) ...hows it going Dan, good i hope ?  x

    1. sirmarkhughes


      Hey there Dave. Yes I am still alive mate. Hows tricks buddy. 

  2. You still alive you old Sod? x


    1. Soccahappy


      Barely, suprised your still here too :)


  3. Longnose


    hello...any life here?
  4. Peterborough draw level with Birmingham at the top of division 4 after a fine 2-0 home win over Brentford, apparently thats 14 games with out a defeat which in my book is pretty good.
  5. With respect Tupac, your opening line is quite someway from being at all helpful.
  6. Hi Stuart, Thanks for your kind words mate but i stand by my decision, hopefully i haven't wasted too much of your time and once more i wish you and the other lads the best of luck in what i am sure will be a very fulfilling GW. 

  7. Boro pick up a hard earned point in a 3-3 draw at dirty Wolves...so aggressive Micheal !!, next up Seans Taffs.
  8. Ahhh the return of the old tomb stones, season 1 Anno?...nice touch Fitzy
  9. Peterboroughs excellent early season form continues as they smash Southampton 4-1 to move into joint first place at the top of division 4 with Birmingham...its all going rather well at the moment, next up Blackpool.
  10. Bravo Mr Justice, great to see that someone is keeping alive the dying art of M/Rs.
  11. Like a coiled Boa of epic proportions, Peterborough slowly and methodically strangulate the life out of Ryans Hull, before delivering a deadly blow on the 76th minute mark to nick all three points and move up to second spot...Next up Southampton.
  12. No one has it at the moment Raz but needless to say theres more than one of us looking out for you China..think its worth contacting SM and telling them about your error?
  13. A Chelsea manager bidding for a 78 rated player? against a div 3 club?...Poor show in my opinion.;(
  14. Peterborough's second string hang on to see Wills MK off in a 5-4 penalty win in the first round of the Cup. Unlucky Will, but i have to say that i am well happy with that, the reward?...a second round visit from Rochdale....sounds like quite a spectacle...
  15. Well blow me ( thats not an invitation Smut) Boro kick off with a tidy 2-0 home win over Matts Newcasle, unlucky mate...next up the Zulus
  16. Nothing to report whatsoever at Middlebrow, other than i'm still waiting on confirmation on the arrival of potential 5 newcomers in 7 part-exchange deals. My fault of course i didn't make any bids until yesterday, Still you never no? so eyes crossed they are complete before we kick off against ( of all people) Newcastle tonight, and furthermore that as its the Sabbath, i'm sober enough to select them when i get home from the pub....very unlikely on both counts. Happy hunting all !!
  17. Peterborough leave it late to grab a point as an 88th minute Tony Modeste strike cancels out the Burton first half opener. Cup next with a daunting looking visit from Wills MK Dons..
  18. Quite right, that said i am beginning to think you might need to get out a bit more Paul
  19. An early season test of strength for Peterborough tonight as they entertain a tough looking Burton Albion. After a mid week away win at bottom club Oldham its three on the bounce for Boro so i'm confident-ish.
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