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  1. Re: Gerard Pique It depends which other players are avaliable- I wouldn't sell him just because he's injured because he'll be back soon and then you'll regret it.
  2. Re: Drogba Deal Of course you should go for Drogba. To get a rise Dzeko will have to move and he won't do this summer- Drogba will be 96 for a while and even if he drops it will be to 95 which wouldnt be that bad.
  3. Re: Naldo or Luisao ? Naldo all day
  4. Re: Leon or Di Maria? i think that's a good idea
  5. vandrew555

    Arsenal Blog

    I have a friend who has recently started an arsenal blog. I've read it and it's ok I'd like it if you could head over there an leave him a comment. It would make his day - cheers. http://www.oleole.com/blogs/lovearsenal
  6. Re: allow experienced managers more teams It's a great idea for non gold members. I'd love to have more teams. However i would imagine if you could get more clubs then it might not be such a big thing to have gold membership and therefore not sell as many and not make as much money. It;s a nice idea - but won't happen.
  7. Re: A good Portsmouth (No, really, it's true!) in need of tactical help! I'd sell James he has 1 or 2 seasons left and they might be in the championship. In terms of a centre back -chielini, lucio maybe?
  8. Re: Rating Changes the guys above are right anyone in the spl won't go that high no matter how well they play.
  9. Re: Chris Smalling If it was me, I wouldn't sell him. Anyone that united would sign has to be good. I've only seen a lttle bit of him myself but what I saw I liked. If vidic leaves this summer or if Ferdinand continues his injury run who know how much play time he might get...
  10. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread it looks great - I can hardly wait. Just hope it its'nt as glitchy as Fifa 10 was. Can really ruin some games:rolleyes:
  11. Re: Mikey's bad lads II Edition Official Transfer News/Match report Thread Chelsea manager - drew smith
  12. Re: Filippo Maria Scardina nice post mate
  13. Re: Player Fitness yeah he will - they only play worse when umf
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