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  1. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. Thanks for replying m8..
  2. The What will he drop or rise to Thread. Can anyone tell me how this guy will do in French ratings ?? Taye Taiwo .... 89 rated CB.
  3. Re: Massive Riser - Trevizan Felipe Any advise whether to keep Felipe or sell him since his last increase of +11 to 82 ??
  4. Re: TomOwen's Christmas and New Year Scouting Special Excellent thread m8...one thread for all your problems. Superb.
  5. Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes-Full Report Thanks Tom, picked up some gems from your list..rep for you.
  6. Re: Martin BRAVO Thanks Teb for the gr8 find for my EC lower league teams..
  7. Re: List Of Player Talents Dumitru Copil, the 18-year-old midfielder named by World Soccer among the game's 50 most exciting talents, has returned to Romania because of homesickness after joining Hearts
  8. Re: Rating Increases.... Gr8 find in EDSON, rep for u for sure m8.
  9. Re: Upcoming Greek ratings Very good 1st try, did manage to pick some bargains..once again well done.
  10. Re: TomOwen's Turkish Rating Changes Predictions Well done and thanks to all the scounts who mentioned various players on this thread, some of my teams have got gr8 bargains...let see how many i can rep.
  11. Manoj

    Gonul GOKHAN

    Re: Gonul GOKHAN Well done IOA on another gr8 find..rep for you m8.
  12. Re: Turkish Riser..? M8, i have never posted a scout report before but seen a lot on the forum and i must say you have done a decent job for the 1st timer..well done..
  13. Re: Happy New Year Have a gr8 2008 every1...
  14. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Any thoughts on woodgate...?
  15. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Jonathan Woodgate - shall i sell him as i think he is going to decrease in the next ratings..??
  16. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 Let me just say that you are doing a good job of finding all these players..keep it up..
  17. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 if this guy is playing for SAO PAULO then he should be in the database right...??
  18. Re: Who Has The Most Expensive Team? Tom, i did not expect this from you that you would put a comment like this without properly checking. The value of my squad is now 482.9 M with 91 players. I have mentioned the no of players becoz this includes loaned out players..
  19. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Vasco De Gama is looking for players for loan with rating of over 87..so will appreciate help from anyone..
  20. Re: RONALDINHO for Ronney+ 5 million If u have a good midfield and use Ronaldinho in F position then i would go for this deal..
  21. Re: i'm not sure See if wants NERI CARDOZO..??
  22. Who Has The Most Expensive Team? Some of my teams : Milan WC 27 Players Total Value 89 £450M Bayern WC 6 Players Total Value 84 £440M Juve WC 88 Players Total Value 90 £370M Man U WC 50 Players Total Value 65 £364M Real WC 134 Players Total Value 66 £350M
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