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    Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes-Full Report
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    Ramos Edson-(21 years) A Brazilian right wing-back who plays for AEK Athens.Signed this season from Botafogo and was given the No. 2 jersey.
    He has started in all their 3 games this season and scored 1 goal .He also featured in their uefa cup game this season .In all , he has plaid 368 minutes on the pitch .
    Rating- 73
    He is highly recommended;)
    The greek ratings changes have just ended , if he keeps starting from now till the next rating changes he will shoot to 80/82 or even more .
    Felício Marques Ji-Parana: (20 years)Recommended by Insider
    A midfielder who plays for Internacional . He is the captain of the Brazil u-20 national team .Has plaid 4 games for his club this season ( 2 starts and 2 sub) , and has been listed on the bench for most matches .
    The Brazil ratings are a couple of months away , so if he plays more , he is bound to an increase of more than 3 or 4 .
    More to follow ...
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    Free agents can be bought for a 'signing on fee' of at least 75% of their value
    Player name: Gonul GOKHAN (Free Agent)
    Age: 22yrs
    Born: 4 January 1985
    Nationality: Turkish Turkish
    Position: Defender
    Rating: 71
    Last Rating Change:
    Form: -----
    Morale: Average
    Value: £21k
    Contract: 2 Years - £3,350 per Turn
    He's just been added to the Database and currently plays for Fenerbahce, he has already played 1 full game where they won 2-1 against G.Antepspor likely to play more game and get to atleast low 80's.
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    Manoj reacted to tebthereb in Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners   
    A host of risers and money makers. Some young some old. Sorry if any mentioned before - if anyone has beat me to it, please take it is a compliment as I agree with you. These are approximate ratings and I DON'T work for SM so can't guarantee they will come out as I say. Will be surprised if they don't all get nice rises though (i am normally a bit tight!)
    Surnames first. NO particular order.
    Felipe , Menezes (M)
    Hard to find by searching, search real life club (Goias). Rated 80. Played in 24 of 30 league games, plus cup matches. Mostly a sub latter part of season. Should make 83.
    Breno, Vinicius Borges (CB)
    80 rated 17 year old playing for Santos. Who are third. Played 22 of 30 league games for them. Should make 85 with luck. Very very good signing.
    Caio, Cesar (CM)
    Has amassed nearly 1300 minutes of matchtime for Palmeiras. Rated 83. Been in good goal scoring form lately too. 7 goals from midfield in 15 starts (20 apps altogether). Should make 85. Young too.
    Felipe Santana, Augusto (CB)
    Rated 82. 27 of 30 league games for Figueirense, nearly all full 90 minutes for the mid table side. Liable to hit 85. Nice and young.
    Zelao, Luis Ricardo (CB)
    82 rated, 22 years old, 27 of 30 games for Corinthians. Mentioned a few times on forum. Looking at a few points up I think.
    Guilherme, Milhomem Gusmão (CF/AM)
    The 18 year old more recently appears as a sub. Still got 10 starts and 10 sub appearances, and 9 goals for 2nd placed Cruzeiro. I think 84 is more reasonable than 82, but not sure if he has been done already this time round? If he has, leave him for now and see if he gets starts.
    Vilson, Xavier (CB)
    Buy buy buy!! 72 rated defender has made 16 appearances, 15 starts (all in second half of season) for mid table Vasco. Should soar to low eighties, easy, and long term prospect too. Can it get better? Yes he is 19 and valued at 92k. Within 2 weeks will be worth millions, literally.
    Marcelo Moreno, Martins (F)
    70 rated 10k player alert! Mentioned many times I think (and hope). If you havent bought him buy him! 11 recent games, mostly as a starter, and 6 goals?!! 20 years old. Expect a 10000% return (no joke) at least on your investment when he hits 80 ish.
    Hernanes, Anderson (M)
    22 year old midfielder has played 25 of 30 games for table toppers Sao Paulo. Should hit 86.
    Charles, Fernando (CM)
    Played 23 games this season, mostly starts. Rated just 82. 2nd placed Cruzerio? Makes him 85 for me, no problem.
    Emerson, Pereira (CB)
    Another low rated Cruzeiro player. Regular, 82 rated. 25 years old, so a cheaper signing for lower clubs. Should make 84/85.
    Fernandinho, Alves Santa Clara (W)
    Yuri (our Brazilian super scout) says he is not so great, but the stats mean he will get a rise. Another 82 rated Cruzeiro player who has played most their games. 85 for me. 26, but a nice rare W on the cheap is always good.
    Jonathan, Cicero (RB)
    Hmm, another 82 rated Cruzeiro player who has played a good amount of games. Dropped out the team lately, I assume from injury as was subbed off at half time, but having played 18 games he should make 84 or so. 21 year old.
    Ramires, Santos (CM)
    Here we go again. 82 rated CM for Cruzeiro. Played 25 games for them. All starts. Another 85 rated young player in the making, 20 years old. Along with the other Cruzeiro lads, long term your prospects of getting more increases are good.
    Adriano, Bispo dos Santos (CM)
    81 rated CM has played 20 games, 17 starts for 3rd placed Santos. 20 years old. That means a nice earner when he hits 84. Should be part of the first team for a while.
    Makelele, Leandro (DM/CM)
    80 rated, 18 recent games, mostly starting, for Palmeiras. 83 easily enough I think.
    Marcelo, Antonio (CB/RB)
    81 rated 20 year old for Santos (again!?). Played 18 recent games nearly all as a starter. Up to 84 too I think.
    Adilson, Warken (CM)
    10 games for 5th placed Gremio. Half as a starter. 74 rated and 20 years old. Should hit high 70's simply enough. Seems to have slipped out the side, so not sure of long term prospects. Cheap as chips and young so will make you money.
    Itaqui, Odacir (CM)
    As with Adilson, but 8 games, 19 years old. 4 starts, 4 as sub. Should make about 77 I think. Not played for a while either, but a good earner again.
    Roger, Roberto (M)
    21 year old, 72 rated. Bargain. 15 games, 10 starts for Internacional, who are mid table. Say hello to an 81 rated player I think, and a nice return on £86k when he hits a seven figure value.
    Sidnei, Rechel (CB)
    81 rated. 18 years young, and made 17 starts for Internacional. A few points increase for me.
    Fornaroli (F)
    70 rated 10k player alert! Started all 8 games for Nacional, scored 2. Pretty average side in a not so great league, but their strikers still go up as high as 87. He should make 80, no probs.
    Scorza (F)
    10k player alert!! Played in 7 of 2nd placed Danubio's 8 games. 3 were starts, 4 as sub, but playing more and more minutes it seems. High 70's means you have a bargain - he is only 19 as well! I remember reading about him a long time ago too somewhere, and had him marked as a hot long term prospect - so who knows, he could go far.
    Arce, Bastian (CB)
    Plays for Colo Colo. 73 rated. 379 minutes of football for them, they are doing ok in the league. Will hit high 70's no problem, perhaps low 80's, he recently (last week) played full 90 minutes so seems a definite part of the team.
    Perez, Ronny (AM)
    23 year old 76 rated player for O'Higgins. Won't rock the world but 21 appearances (nearly all as sub, true) means that is too low. Should make 80. He is starting out in his career, looking at pro appearances, so might make the first team.
    Wirth, Rainer (GK)
    78 rated Colo Colo keeper aged 24. Competing with another GK so not sure if he will stay in the team, but should make 81.
    Manco, Reimond (CF/AM)
    17 year old. Mentioned before. With good reason. Worth buying now as still dirt cheap at 73 rating (took a drop last time). Now made 5 league appearances (as a sub, admittedly) for Alianza, should hit 75/76 again which will make you some money at his age, and he should keep going up.
    Guerrero, Jose (CF)
    78 rated. Got a full international cap - likely being blooded for long term national team so expect more long term but not now. 19 years old. Played 10 of 11 games for second place Atlanta. Should hit 83. Next time round will probably make 85/86. Worth buying.
    Here is some good Mexicans to consider buying, along the lines of the above. Will try and post detail at some point soon, but they could be changed soon...
    Guerrero (jose)
    Esqueda (Enrique)
    Castillo, Edgar (LM/LB)
    Cerda, Emmanuel (F)
    Dominguz, Julio Cesar (D)
    Hernandez, Jorge (M)
    Rodriguez, Carlos (AM/F)
    Villaluz, Cesar (LM)
    N'Kong (seem to remember this guy is due a BIG rise, but quite old)
    Franco, Franscisco
    Baez, Xavier
    Esparza, Omar (CB)
    Romero, Mauricio (Morelia)
    Garcia, Luis Francisco
    Lomeli, Emerson
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    Re: Prospect Team (11 players), minimum 73, all will rise by 5+
    Good layout of the team though, it really will help the accrington stanleys of the English championships
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