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  1. Hi folks I wonder if you can help. I have Cristian Romero (DC) of Genoa, on loan from Juventus. I'm in a pretty competitive gameworld with squad size restrictions. Keep for the long-term, or sell?
  2. Long term I'd go for Robertson (92) as he is younger and has plenty of time to progress to 93, especially if Liverpool manage to win the league or Champions League. Alba (93) is 30. It took him too long to be correctly awarded that rating, & I doubt that they'll increase him any time soon, unless Barcelona have an outrageously good season. Long term = Robertson Short term = Alba
  3. Quick one for you guys, long term, and short term - Son (93) or Coutinho (94)?
  4. 4 - German football has not done as well in Europe as in previous years. This tends to be taken in to account by SM.
  5. Brandt's birthday was in May. Birthdays are processed at the start of the following month. This should explain his decrease in value.
  6. Hi guys This deal is done, but I'd like your opinion - My Asensio & Kehrer for de Ligt Background - Asensio & Kehrer are backup players in my squad. Cheers
  7. Here's one for the Serie A experts. What's the potential increase during the summer review, and long term, for GK Andrei Radu, 83, presently playing at Genoa? Cheers
  8. Terrible shame as this was a great source of info, & interesting thread. I know @Monolithicmentioned that he'd got pressures away from SM. I hope he gets/got on top of them.
  9. A quick question regarding Golovin's +1 to 89. Do you guys think this was purely based on his World Cup performances, or was there something in his club form?
  10. I'm in one competitive GW & they've either been picked up or they are shortlisted. In my less competitive GW only a couple have been picked up. Keep up the good work.
  11. You can never be 100% sure with SM, but the stats are good - 1x Champions League goal from 1 match, 7 Bundesliga goals from four matches non of which he played 90 mins. If his form continues he has to be 90%+ to get +1.
  12. I'd be grateful if you could give me your opinion on Andre Silva, on loan at Sevilla. The preds of @Sir Rahul indicate no rise in the next review, but his goals to games, & minutes is pretty good.
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