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  1. Best Belgian football ever is a top question. I am going with either Vinny Kompany or Enzo Scifo
  2. 😞 A plus 1 for Angus Gunn was harsh. Expected him to be bumped to 85 at least as an established starting premier League keeper
  3. Do you have any idea if the MLS is due a review any time soon?
  4. I like John stones in that price bracket. Starting and playing quite solidly for a team who look to be in for a good season. Yerry Mina is worth considering also as he should find his way to Barca. Not sure why it is forcing me to quote an old post above. Sorry guys
  5. Also quite a few Napoli and Roma youngsters added today. Anyone know anything about any of these and if any are worth picking up?
  6. If you are after a cheaper understudy with potential I like the look of Pierre-Gabriel
  7. Looks like China next. Anyone know of any players likely to get a good rise?
  8. Are the following likely to get a rise and by how much? Jamie walker Josh windass Louis moult Nowak
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