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  1. He should rise. The fact he plays in the second league does not mean that he is reviewed when is Jupiler time. He is loaned from Ajax, so when the player from Ajax get the review, he will get the rise, too...
  2. Florentino LUÍS is a great prospect from Portugal, too. It is somehow obvious that is hard for a young player to make it in the major league (first division) from the beginning. But the Ledman is competitive enough for SM to give the young player some decent rises. The Portugal ratings are outdated so really soon there will be some great changes for these young players, no matter the league, the most important thing is the role they play in the team.
  3. I cannot resist the temptation to share this player with you. Maybe some of you already know some information about him, but the story behind the ascension of this wonderkid is just worth some lines in this thread. Perr Schuurs is the youngest captain in the major countries in Europe. He is currently on loan at Fortuna Siddard but that transfer was a great move for him and also for Ajax. With his impressive defensive skills (for such a young player) he makes his name in the Dutch Juplier League. He impressed the Ajax's scouts last year and they bought him, letting Schuurs to develop more at his mother-club. Born: 26.11.1999 Positions: D,DM (C) Apps this season: 30 (over 2700 minutes played, with 7 goals and 4 assists) Value in SM: 1M (I think is the most valuable player in the Jupiler League) Rating: 78 (I can predict a great rise soon, 82 or even 83)
  4. After watching some interesting videos on Youtube, I was pretty sure that you are gonna love this post. The series are symbolically named : Made in Bundesliga and features the best players who played in the Bundesliga during their youth. My favorite U18 player so far (in terms of performance) is KAI HAVERTZ. Born: 11.06.1999 Positions: M, AM (RLC) Apps this season in Bundesliga, for first team : 22 (2 goals, 7 assists) and over 1500 played minutes Value in SM: 8m, real value over 15M Euros (is worth the sum, no matter what) Rating : 86 (looks 87 for me at the moment, he can rise to 88 in the summer if he keeps playing like that) Some voices are inclined to say that a move to Liverpool is a close-one (here I am not sure, the scouts are keeping an eye for Kai since his Bundesliga debut). The value for money in case if you are looking for young rising stars in a great catch.
  5. Steven is ok... A more defensive player. Good for low division teams in SM, but low chances in order to get a massive rating increase. You know the saying: Just because two people look the same, doesn't mean they have the same dreams (in this case future).
  6. Any option will give you a good substitute player or field player in lower division. It is hard to pick one because they are different, both leagues and positions. If we talk about chance of rating increase, at the moment LEMOS looks more promising.
  7. Ok, looks like I really exaggerated with some of youngsters with less minutes or no apps in the big team. In order to make things a little better I want to present a well-known wonderkid with an existing potential, a good player in his league with big chances to move to another team or maybe to make his name at current club. No more presentation needed, Ryan Sessegnon, the phenomenon of English Championship. Born: 18.05.2000 (17 yo) Position: D,DM,M(L) - lately he plays as left winger, so the possibility adding AM(L) exist Apps this season: 38 (14 goals, 4 assists and over 3000 minutes played in Championship, a big deal for a young player, in my opinion) Value: 2,8M in SM but in real transfer money near the 20M Euros(or pounds) Rating: 80 ( blame me, but this kid deserves 85) Rumors or not, United, Spurs and even Manchester City are looking for this player. In my opinion, for his in-game value is a bargain. He is currently improving his style, so is kinda hard to make some good list of abilities, but the finishing is one of them (some facts here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5709728/ryan-sessegnon-most-clinical-finisher-england-harry-kane/ )
  8. Hello and welcome to a general topic for everybody who needs help and have some ideas in order to improve the SoccerWiki. I made this topic because recently I saw some slow development in the platform and there are some really good members of SoccerWiki (also of the forum). It is inadmissible to let over 3500 player edits on hold, not to talk about the slow reviewing process in SoccerManager. Day after day, time passes and the database tends to accumulate more edits which they never implement ( most of my edits are rejected by the missing of some votes - for example I had 15 votes on league edit and still rejected, and I do not think that all people vote negative, it is absurd...) My concern is that the SoccerWiki really need some boost in order to keep the platform really rewarding for those who add data (here is not about money, but some privileges - maybe for senior members, like you, who can manage the edits. ) As an example, I voted this week about 1500 player edits (positions, new team, retiring) and maybe about all of player images by checking the internet to be sure. That activity costs time, I know, but if we need to make thing better, we have to start voting, maybe sending some messages to developers. This topic should be the place of meeting of everyone who need an advice or information about SoccerWiki. I am really receptive about everything in order to make SoccerWiki a better place for old and even new members.
  9. Name: Joshua Steiger Born: 6 April 2001 (16 years old) Position: DM,M (C) Apps this season: 8 Current rating and value : 68 (200k) Potential rating: 73/74 (when the Austrian Bundesliga is reviewed)
  10. He has a big chance to rise. It depends also in Spurs overall performance. If he keeps playing that way, he should rise. Maybe... Not sure about that rise. I can guarantee +1, but SM may be generous or not about LigaNOS review. Keep watching the rating changes in Portugal when they start with other teams (usually Porto, Benfica or Sporting are latest)
  11. Not sure about OBERLIN, he is not quite a starting player (and since his rise was recently, the chances are small). The other players, who played only in the Eredivisie or Super League have big chances of increase. If you have enough money, go for Eredivisie, but Switzerland has good players too.
  12. Hmm, why are you so hurried about the leagues that will be reviewed only in the mid (or even late) summer? It is maybe too soon to predict a rise for every player. As soon that he plays enough and has a major role in the team, every young player (in many situation if he is under 90, and playing a lot for his team) he should get a rise. If Atalanta gets the Europa League place (that would be #6), I can guarantee you that CRISTANTE will rise. For now, my only advice for you is to make some bids for Eredivisie or even Switzerland first league. And keep an eye for Austrian Bundesliga, too.
  13. Oh, man. What an incredible situation. Rony Lopes is a good player, but he is already 87, a chance to increase to 88, maybe 89, but unfortunately only in summer review. The other players have quite chances of increase soon, because they deserve a reward for the hard work they made at the loan teams. Both have chances of getting in the big teams. If I was in your situation, I would rather keep my players and see that kind of transfer near the summer time. Switzerland: Albian AJETI (82 at the moment ->84) Jean-Pierre NSAMÉ (80 ->82/83) Moumi NGAMALEU (82->83) Raphael DWAMENA (82->83 Eredivisie: Justin KLUIVERT (78->82) Thierry AMBROSE (78->82) Steven BERGWIJN (83->84/85) Not sure about Brahimi. It is kinda hard to get 92 in Liga NOS (maybe SM is circumspect about the increase cap in some leagues), but in my opinion he deserves 92. As I said some sentences ago, Rony Lopes has chances, but you should get him later, for example in late-May or early June, to worth the transfer. He may rise +2 in the summer.
  14. It is too soon for an exact prediction in Serie A. At the moment Cutrone looks good (84 in the most optimistic way) and Ünder, as others say, has a good time at Roma. At the moment he is 86, but I can guarantee an increase to 87 (or even 88, who knows?) in summer Serie A review.
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