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  1. MuzzleKarden

    New Game World Game World ID 369295

    Hi Mate, Without a doubt this would interest me greatly. I'm probably going to go for either Chelsea, City, Arsenal or United. I'm working until 5pm so I won't be on much, I will apply now and sort it out later
  2. MuzzleKarden

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'm managing Liverpool in a new set up and I was wondering if I should drop Salah or Mane down for Draxler (PSG)?
  3. MuzzleKarden

    World Championship Game World ID 369247

    Transfers in at Liverpool. Heung-Min Son (£6m - Wijnaldum) Mangala (Part Exchange - Lovren) deal agreed in principle (Jesus + cash - Firmino)
  4. MuzzleKarden

    World Championship Game World ID 369247

    I'm in as Liverpool. Bid away!