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  1. jbradley16731590

    Goalkeeper Issue

    I am in division 4 in my gameworld, I have been working on my team for a while and have assembled a decent squad which should be going for promotion this season. However even though my goalkeeper is rated 88 (Pavlenka), he is consistently letting goals in and I am lucky if he plays above a 5 each match. As a result I am looking at a mid-table finish. Any reason why my Goalkeeper is playing like a spanner?? Tactically it is a fairly standard setup with everything set to 'Normal'. I have one of the strongest back fours in the division. I just can't work it out. Any comments would be appreciated. :)
  2. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    David Otto looks an exciting talent. Scored bagloads of goals at youth level and now in the first team at Hoffenheim.
  3. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    In a gameworld with a squad limit and have a crop of 'wonderkids' in my possession currently. Would anybody think it wise to sell any of these yet or best to keep? Vinicius Jr, Filho Paulinho, Musa Barrow, Diogo Dalot, Lars Lukas Mai, Lucas Paqueta, Arthur, Jann Fiete Arp, Callum Hudson-Odoi.
  4. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    As a Swansea fan having had the displeasure of watching Sanches last season. I find this hard to believe. He was awful.
  5. jbradley16731590

    A new risers thread

    For 800k you could get Jeremy Gelin (centre back - 75 rated) due a big rise with the France updates. 600k you could look at Musa Barrow (Striker - 70 rated), player with a lot of potential just broke into Atalantas first team Should be due a rise. Loren Moron (800k - Striker - 80 rated) is another you could look at. Has broke into Real Bets first team this season and done really well.
  6. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Trade in Hannes Wolf for Mason Mount?
  7. jbradley16731590


    Have a bit of a project going in one of my gameworlds where looking to build a team for the future by purchasing up and coming talents. As part of my squad at the moment I have managed to get: DR - Diogo Dalot DC - Lars Lukas Mai MC - Arthur Melo AM - Filho Paulinho AM - Hannes Wolf AM - Vinicius Junior FC - Fiete Arp Also have Callum Hudson-Odoi and Musa Barrow who look decent prospects. Anybody have any suggestions to add to the group?
  8. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Voted. Keep up the good work pal
  9. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I have bought him as he looks like a baby Drogba when I have seen him.
  10. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Got a gap in my squad for an attacking midfielder. Got 2 on my shortlist at the moment. Marius Wolf or Mason Mount?
  11. jbradley16731590

    Players retiring

    I don't believe you get anything for retirements. Chance you take if you bring in older players.
  12. jbradley16731590

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I think goalkeepers do not drop as sharply in value as they get older. Maybe because they can spend longer in the game before they retire. Buffon would be a classic example.
  13. jbradley16731590

    Which players should I sell and buy?

    That starting line up is already pretty strong. There are a few interesting squad players you could look at who will develop in time. Arthur(Gremio) CM - 87 Farinez (Millionarios) GK - 83 Skriniar (Inter) CD - 89 Rony Lopes (Monaco) AM - 87
  14. jbradley16731590

    Beginner in SM need help with Real Madrid tactics

    Tactics can vary according to the opposition but that looks good. I have found that changing tactics from week to week is not the way to go though. I play a 4-2-3-1A and stick with it and have had decent success so far. When I had a few injuries I started swapping the formations around and got heavily beaten by lesser opposition so I stopped and have now gone on a 7 game winning streak. Im sure SM veterans will disagree but that is just my experience.
  15. jbradley16731590

    A new risers thread

    I had Roger Assale in my team last year who was due a rise in the Swiss league but was completely missed. He was finally reviewed a few weeks ago at long last and given a plus 5. So it does happen but depends if you have the patience. I didn't TBH.