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  1. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? my opinion of your opinion is overrating him, and your being stubborn about that and not backing down neither. Maybe if you read my posts properly instead of dismissing them, you even copied what i wrote in 1 reply anyway...
  2. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Too stubborn to back down..when its apparently a matter of opinions. Yep you make sense. By your law, no-one is right then and lets leave it at that. you didnt accomplish anything sorry. I was comparing their fulfillment of job role, not their job role itself.
  3. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Well then debating forums seem pretty useless don't they. As most people have their opinions and stick by them, and very few people tend to think differently once their mind is made up. By saying that, it was also pretty useless you joining in with this debate then all together, because no-one thinks differently to when they first started debating on this topic and no-one is backing down and it has now boiled down to a few lined replies. So...nothing was achieved.
  4. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? You wouldn't convince someone of their own opinion then would you? you say everyone is entitled to their opinion, so you couldnt convince me anyway even if you tried, oh and ben did say lucas was a box to box player on 1 of his posts, if you read through all his posts in here then you'll see it.
  5. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Don't you think i know they play in contrasting positions. I know its stupid to compare a defender and an attacker, or in this case 2 different types of midfielders. You just echoed what i said about it is down to how well they carry out their tasks on the pitch. For a start, ben...described lucas as a box to box midfielder, he never even said DM, and thats coming from a liverpool fan. I understand DM's not getting much joy on goal, but for a box to box player...he should take a leaf out of gerrards book. Gerrard even tackles and hassles better than lucas. Not only that, gerrard has an eye for goal and plays crucial through balls and passes. Lucas...well lucas, just runs and passes to his nearest team mate, yeah thats good...but far from spectacular or even contributing to any attacking play whatsoever. Even diaby for arsenal contributes more and he's actually classed as a DM.
  6. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Erm no, I'm not actually one of those people who think all attackers are superior, if i did then it wouldnt make sense as my favourite utd player is a defender. I agree and think that nitty role in the middle is also important, as seen by roy keane, viera, makelele and so on...But anyone with a hint of fitness can run after the ball and chase it, but when lucas gets the ball, he doesn't do anything with it, he's just hopeless. I also don't really rate babel neither, but i'm saying if i had to pick 1, i'd pick babel. I would pick him as he does his job role better than lucas, who merely chases, gets the ball from time to time and then plays a short pass, nothing more and nothing less. Babel is by far great, but im saying at least he manages to turn games around when hes put on late. Lucas wouldn't know where the goal is if you gave him a map.
  7. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? No your right, its not just lucas' fault your doing poor, its also the other 5 or 6 below par players alongside him. Babel deserves to be rated higher than lucas, babel for one...attacks, and isn't afraid to get in that box and when he does come on he can actually sneak a goal from time to time. Your not trying to make out he's the best player ever....take a look at your posts, the pic, the whining text, the future of brazil - that is worrying, sorry.
  8. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Park and carrick have been bench warmers? only recently with the defending crisis has carrick been called upon....in defense..and no i havent raved about andersons achievements actually, i've only said take a look at the lads post on the 2nd page where HE raved about andersons achievements...
  9. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? You forgot about aqulaini and that he'll kick lucas out the team. So your saying what i've been saying is a valid debate, that's why your bothering replying..right? I couldn't careless if utd fans repped you, i don't give a monkeys about those little rep points. If your lucas is soooooo great then why are your team doing so badly? oh yeah...it's because he's an amazing passer of the ball in close knit situations right? but then again, i forgot he doesn't contribute to any attacking play, no creativity, hey if lucas is so amazing, maybe you should ask rafa to play him upfront with torres, you might actually be in a champs league spot then...
  10. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? For a start i said i'm a qualified english teacher, i never said i'm doing it at the moment. You on the other hand, with your confusing reply, need to be taught further. Oh and by the way, I never brought anderson up...If you read all the posts, which i guess you didn't, i probably brought him up last if anything. The last part of my reply about this forum being peoples lifes is not solely directed at you, its to pretty much everyone.
  11. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? 'Maybe the people rating have gone blind and think Lucas is Anderson, probably not. If the though Lucas' haha your not one to talk about grammar, when you don't even make sense, i'm a qualified english teacher, but i'm sorry i don't take these forums as serious as some people. i forgot this forum plays a large part in peoples lifes hahaha
  12. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Haha facts? read that lads post on the 2nd page about andersons achievements mate, theres your facts. 150 rep points?! oohhhh wow, im in awe, just because you wrote a post to end all posts, and wrote about rafa like FACTS, that makes you right? your post is also opinionated. I also hate older forum members who think they have the right to complain about newer members or members who want ratings changed. When really, your doing it, but in a sly way, writing an essay and using 'facts', when really, you got proved wrong and you had no response to andersons facts.
  13. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Real utd fans care, go ask around manchester..if your ever there...and yes i made assumptions you were a girl from your name alone, regardless of what sex you are or sexuality i dont care, that wasn't a point in the argument. I also assumed your a utd fan as you have a utd badge as your pic, i wouldnt put some other clubs badge as my pic if i was a real fan. But i've seen a lot of plastic fans on here, even some that support 2 teams. And that last lads comment doesnt even deserve a reply.
  14. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Erm no mate, ben had his views, which were proved wrong by the lads above, which is why ben has shut up and really has nothing to say now does he?! And its united to people ACTUALLY from manchester, not the midlands or london...Not my fault that girl supports utd and is from around where your from, no decent teams there i suppose...
  15. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Lucas for more than 88?! haha laughable, oh and its not man u...its united..
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