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  1. Hermoso or Klostermann to DC/DL? Or both will rise?
  2. Is de vrij, Sciglio, Ruben Duarte, Calabria and Romagnoli safe to rise?
  3. Neymar has never been on the same level as Messi and Cr7, so he could not evolve so fast just to be part of a strong team scheme. VVD is by far the best defender in the world and one of the main reasons liverpool is champion of europe. I think it's okay for his accelerated evolution to be fair
  4. Cristante, Barkley and ocampos is safe to rise?
  5. MC/MDC who can rise 91+ or already 91 max 20m? I'm thinking about, Rodri, Torreira, Ndombele, Sule, Fabinho, Allan, Wijnaldum or Jorginho
  6. MD,M,MA(C) M.HAMŠÍK 31 93 19.8M SSC Napoli MD,M,MA(C) A.VIDAL 31 93 19.3M Barcelona D,MD,M(C) J.MARTÍNEZ 30 92 20.9M Bayern - MD,M(C) S.KHEDIRA 31 92 14.3M Juventus - D(DC),MD(C) T.ALDERWEIRELD
  7. LE or DC less than 10m thats will rise next patch?
  8. Dzeko can drop? i need a CA and just have 9.8m
  9. MD,M,MA(C) T.NDOMBÉLÉ Olympique Lyonnais 10.0M 88 21 MD,M,MA(C) F.GRILLITSCH Hoffenheim 8.0M 88 23 which safer to rise?
  10. D,MD(DE) D.CALABRIA AC Milan 7.0M 87 x D(EC),MD(C) A.DIALLO Dortmund 7.0M 87 and D,MD,M,MA(C) W.MCKENNIE Schalke 3.0M 83 x MD,M,MA(C) A.MAIER H. Berlin 3.0M 83 Which one is safer?
  11. But huddesfield and cardiff have up today
  12. Some under 25 LE who will rise 90>91 or 89>90? And when should start the updates?
  13. Son has been released from the army for first place with Korea in the Asian games ♥
  14. Some new player with the possibility of evolving this season of up to 12m I have in mind: Kluivert, Laurato Martinez, Richarlison and Vinicius Junior... which other?
  15. Rank to rise 92 SMS, Bernardo Silva, Asensio, Lemar, Fekir, Mahrez and Goretzka
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