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  1. Re: Sponsors Yeah, I would love to see this, it would be great and make the game much more realistic.
  2. Well seems like he has been doing well and people say he will defo rise to 93 and maybe even 94?
  3. Well he is a great talent, both footed, AM and hes rated 87 but is he playing for Lyon and if so is he playing well? Wll he go up at the next changes again? Or will he go down or stay?
  4. Re: CASTRO, Gonzalo Thanks so much
  5. Up, down or stay? Leverkusen are doing ok, aren't they?
  6. Re: GARAY, Ezequiel Around when do you mean by 'one day'? What will he change to at the next increases? And when is the next increases? I always get confused, when it says section 8 Portugal and Spain, is that Portugese and Spanish CLUBS or PLAYERS? Because he is Argentinian
  7. Re: GARAY, Ezequiel Oh and is it true that he's going up to 94?
  8. Re: GARAY, Ezequiel Thanks for the help!!
  9. He seems like a great CB but will he stay at 91 or go down soon? I think he will stay, but what do you think? Should I buy him?
  10. Re: Choose Starting Balance at Game World Creation Yeah i see what you mean with the £200m and so on but there could be maybe, other teams must have at least 60% of the game world owner's balance. Say if I made one and chose to have £100m, every other team has to have AT LEAST £60m or more.
  11. Re: Choose Starting Balance at Game World Creation So is there no chance that we will be able to do so in the future?
  12. I would love to see this feature applied, but obviously with limits, or else everyone would have 5k and the owner would have £9999999999999999! Lol but say top teams like Barca, Real, Inter...maximum of lets say £300m and min of £50m and so on. The creator could choose 'all minimum' or 'all maximum' or choose an amount for every club individually.
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