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    Sports, Movies, Reading, Listening to inane sports talk radio, other highly unintellectual pursuits
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    Derby County - EC1477; DC United - FIFA World Cup; Celtic - H2T& MG Best Of 08
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    Fernando Torres, Pepe Reina
  1. AJM7100


    Greetings! Been playing SM since about July, and I am hooked. Needing a little help to boost my aptitude, so I thought I would join the ranks of the forum. Name is Alex. I live in Normal, IL USA. Not too many other Football Fans around me, so I have to venture to the internet to find sounding boards. I am a fan of Liverpool and the Chicago Fire (Toyota Park is a great place to see a match). I also am a fan of baseball and follow the Chicago Cubs. I am currently the manager of Derby County in EC1477; Celtic in the custom setup H2T& MG Best Of 08; and DC United in the custom setup FI
  2. Re: FIFA World Cup I picked up DC United. I like the prospect of trying to make the Americans respectable. I've started the process of selling the non-Americans, and getting the right players in.
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