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  1. i have seen teams being ruined in my leagues every year, many managers get too greedy as they sell under achievers for top class players so they don't have any youth players in their teams. Just players rated 93 to 99, making their teams stronger than any other teams which is an unfair advantage. But not only that, tactics was the same in every teams every week, week in, week out, but only problem is to report any managers that have more than one team in same league. Hard to tell when managers put different locations on profile etc. Soccer Manager are obviously ruined and
  2. why don't you message *Steve Gore* of Preston about that, as he is the Creator of SoccerManager. you can also send a letter to the address shown on soccermanager website. They will take your ideas and suggestion into consideration, but for years, they never did that. Many Teams got ruined more often, as many managers want to make their teams stronger with players rated 93 to 99. For Youth players, you need to let many go before half of them or most of of them whose rating will go down, and you will lose profits.
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