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  1. Season 1 match 38 The end of season 1 congrats to all those who won something this season and better luck for those who did not next season Just the World Cup to be concluded before next season. Division 1 BFL Cup BFL Shield SMFA Cup SMFA Shield Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 World Cup Argentina Sep 19 Qualification England's Results
  2. SEASON 5 MATCH 38 Season 5 is almost done and its ben a highly successful season for Bayern Munich and Swindon Town. Bayern are this seasons league Champions while Swindon won both the World Clubs Shield and the SMFA CUP and finished 3rd in the league. Real Madrid won the World Clubs Cup Juventus won the Charity Shield and Wolves won the SMFA Shield and the super cup was won by Istanbul Basaksehit. On a personal level this was the 1st time I have ever won the SMFA Cup with any side from any game world in soccer manager on and off iv been playing for close to 10 years not always on this account my old on was lost. so its only the World Cup and SMFA Shield that I am yet to win. DIVISION 1 SMFA CUP SMFA SHIELD DIVISION 2 DIVISION 2 WORLD CUP GERMANY SEP 2019 QUALIFICATION England's results.
  3. SEASON 1 MATCH 35 For along time it look like Wolves were going to win it but a loss in form when it mattered most and a strong surge from Chelsea looks set to get Chelsea the tital needing just a win from 3 games they also came through a penalty shoot out to beat Spurs 5-3 on pens after a 2-2 draw in the Shield Final. DIVISION 1 BFL SHIELD SMFA CAMPIONS CUP SMFA SHIELD DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3 DIVISION 4 DIVISION 5
  4. Season 5 match 35 Just 3 games left to play in the league Bayern are this seasons champions congrats to them another good season for Juventus and Swindon both of those clubs still have a chance to win in the Champions Cup. Real Madrid are available they still have a top squad of players that should be capable of pushing for the championship next season if the right manager takes charge and now is a good time to take charge with 3 games to evaluate the squad and build a championship chasing team. Division 1 SMFA CHAMPIONS CUP Division 2 Division 3
  6. Welcome to International Clubs 408927 This is a game world of 5 divisions of 20 teams 3 up 3 down if your going for promotion like me all the way down in division 5. The game world rules a re made with the intentions of protecting member clubs from being striped of there best players. Every league seems to go the same way 2 or 3 clubs get taken and they strip the other top sides of there players destroying the game world. This game world if for people who don't want that to happen it will take more than buying the best players to win. The game world clubs are made up of teams from every continent so there are all the top teams from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and North Central and South America. The exception is Swindon Town I am a Swindon fan that's why they are in Division 5 iv tried playing as other clubs but don't last long but as with my other game world, World Clubs iv been with Swindon for 6 seasons ( 2 Years ) and have just won my 1st tital beating Juventus 1-0 in the shield final o yay I could have done cart wheels but my living room is to small. Anyway if you would like to join a competitive world which is not going to be dominated by 1 or 3 clubs then this is the world to join iv used the soccer wiki to pick the member clubs so even with the rules you can still get top players from clubs not in the game world.
  7. SEASON 5 MATCH 27 With 11 games left to play Bayern Munich look set to win season 5's league tital they are in great form this season and it looks like the gap is to large for Juventus to overhaul this season they should till come 2nd with Swindon and Real Madrid some way behind them. That being said though if Munich do as expected and win the league all 4 player managed clubs will have won at least 1 trophy this season with Juventus winning one at the start of the season Real winning the Cup and Swindon winning there 1st major Wold Clubs tital in the Shield. that leaves the 2 continental competitions which are at the 1st round knock out phase. DIVISION 1 WORLD CLUBS CUP WORLD CLUBS SHIELD DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3 WORLD CUP GROUP 8 ENGLAND GROUP 8 RESAULTS SMFA CUP SMFA SHIELD
  9. Season 5 Match 15 It looks like its going to be a good race this season the top 3 are evenly matched I already feal like im competing for 4th again not that I would be disappointed with that for the time being. Division 1 DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3
  10. SEASON 1 MATCH 5 The BFL is made up of teams from the English league and the Scottish Premier League the league as set up at the end of the English league season so starting divisions should reflect that I used my old Anglo Scottish League to determine where the Scottish sides would fit it in after 4 seasons played in that game world. DIVISION 1 DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3 DIVISION 4 DIVISION 5
  11. SEASON 5 MATCH 5 Another season is now 5 games in and Champions Juventus have made a perfect start to the new season Bayern Munich have also started well and Real Madrid should also be contenders this season as for the rest of the pack we have made an inconsistent start to the new season but its very early on. On a personal level im just looking to continue as we did last season if we Swindon can make top 4 again that would be cool I don't think my team will trubble the top 3 for a while but it is not bad the average rating of my starting 11 is 91 so it should be competitive. CHARITY SHIELD SMFA SUPER CUP DIVISION 1 DIVISION 2 DIVISION 3
  12. WORLD CUP AUSTRALIA 2019 Defending Champions from China 18 Germany
  13. WORLD CUP AUSTRALIA 2019 Defending Champions from China 18 Germany No real surprises in groups A B and D Italy need to win to make knockouts in Group C Brazil should make it in E Ecuador are the surprise package in F As are Wales in G and Spain must win in H
  14. British Football League Game World ID 403342 This game world is made up of the English Football League and Scottish Premier league. There starting divisions are based on league positions as of 10/5/2019. All clubs have a starting budget of 300 mil but you can not buy from unmanaged BFL clubs. There are 5 Divisions of 20 teams 3 up 3 down 1 via the playoffs in each division the economy is very rich. 2 clubs have gone so far Swindon in Division 5 that's me and Aberdeen in Division 3.
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