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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Um, no? No, yes no. Upon further consideration: no.
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm not trying to be critical of anything but your logic here, let me first stress that i am a firm believer in any goalkeeper brave enough to tolerate the **** every goalkeeper gets in every game ever played. That said, do you see anyone breaking down any doors for Sergio Romero, Nikolay Mihaylov, or Nir Davidovitch? All are national team keepers, and none have a snowball's chance of rising. Romero is probably the best example that national teams need to succeed in order for ratings to be affected, making Messi's 99 even more of an accomp
  3. Re: Jetro willems 88 by December, 89 by June, 91 by 2015, 99 by 2020.
  4. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Coentrao has two options from now until the end of his career: stay, drop. Muniain has a long way to go, will follow a Schurrle-esque path to mediocrity. Pepe is done. What he loses will go straight into Varane's rating. Wilshere is going to learn a lot from Arteta this season, expect 91, hope for 92. No comment on De Siglio. Ozil is not going to be benched. Say that again and i will bench you. Marquinhos is my own personal favoutrite for the DM/CB position. Keep hold. Courtois is probably the best goalkeeper in the world who did not play in the CL fi
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... That's a lot of questions. 1: What is cash in your game world? 2: What is your weekly wage bill against your weekly intake on away matches? 3: Do you have risers to sell off to avoid going into the red? 4: How do you offer two players and cash in a deal for one player? Is it two deals? 8 mil for Howard is fair' date=' but Suarez for Jovetic will never work on its own (i am not a gold manager, so if there's something i'm missing, just tell me). 5: What do you think of Suarez as a person? Remember Slobodan Rajkovic, before you answer. EDIT: Evil, e
  6. Re: Khedira, Song and Sahin He was kind of Dortmund's best player the entire first title-winning season, prior to his move to Madrid (which was specifically a business move). How much higher a level do you need? Every single move flowed through him and out to the attack. His pass/completion ratio and so many other numbers that year were eerily similar to some of the legendary central midfielders of the modern age. Sahin was compromised briefly, but even Mourinho knew his class. He was simply handcuffed by Madrid politics. Sahin was bought to bring a little German success publicity to the
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The questions still hang. Who won? Are there any obvious missteps? I can't really figure out what to make of this series of deals. I feel like i won considerably, but can't help missing the players lost. That leads me to believe that everyone actually got what they want. Team 1 had serious doubts about Falcao's new destination, as well as Schurrle's. Team 2 was finally willing to part with Cesc, for the right price. Team 3 needed a lot of pieces in a lot of different areas, and was willing to give from a substantial offensive depth to get it.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The blockbuster has concluded. Now, i'm still not sure how to ask this, since so many pieces moved between three clubs, so i'll try and just work it out as i go through it. Team 1 now has: Fabregas (starter), Neymar (bench), Walcott (bench), Strootman (cup/emerg), Cambiasso (1st D/DM alternate). Team 1 lost: Falcao (starter), Pedro (starter), Gameiro (cup/emerg), Jones (bench), Schurrle (bench). Team 2 now has: Falcao (starter), Schurrle (bench). Team 2 lost: Fabregas (starter). Team 3 now has: Pedro (1st alternate winger), Gameiro (cup/emerg), Jones (
  9. Re: which is the best player to buy? Pick the first two players you feel anything positive about, players you feel right about; then, you will know the Zen and Tao of Getting Done. Probably later. It takes a while for most.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The truth behind this is acute, precise, dissectional. It is also the reason that my winning club only plays 3 CBs at the back, with a DM. I call it a transitional 4-4-2, like Turkey that last time they were contending at a major tournament. But really, i'm just playing 4 CBs because i can't for the life of me accept that Yuto #%@ki$$ Nagatomo, Benoit Tremoulinas, Fabio Da Silva, Evra, Gael Clichy, an old Argentinian, a young Welsh attacking midfielder still clinging to an old post, or one stalwart German fullback are the best options i have at left back.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... what's with the lols? I'm actually curious if we can see beyond positional rating potential, given CBs are obviously capped at 96 (or less, depending on league). Put it this way: i gave up Jones for Neymar, so we know where i stand this one time. But i ask because defence first has always been my philosophy. Having Messi, Muller, Jovetic, Hazard, and Ozil, a wing/fwd wasn't really necessary. But it seemed like the kind of luxury move i could make, and to a team in dire nreed of top D prospects. SM are kind of lazy...
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Neymar or Phil Jones? (position irrelevant, pure legend potential comparison) Wijnaldum, Coutinho, Deulofeu, Sterling, or F. Andesron? Side question: why isn't J. Boateng above 90 yet? I have a really, really tough time believing 91 hasn't happened ages ago. I suppose i have the same question with Muller's 93.
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