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  1. sorry for the late reply but yes he was! frustrated youngster moves abroad and does well, same old story! not a bad player on football manager either
  2. No Milan Pavkov? 78 rating and 25 goals in 35 appearances? Worth at least an 82 imo
  3. Nelson, Hagg-Johansson and Lesniak going up to 80, with Lesniak getting a +10😮
  4. Increase to 80 I believe because he plays for a big club and had a full season of minutes
  5. Aup Jimmy, buy Rafa Kurzawa, he will go to about 82 and he’s worth about 300k! They are doing the Sweden league atm. Get yourself a few pages back and you’ll see some of my predictions
  6. Jacob Rasmussen has just rose to 78 today and also secured a move to the Serie A with newly promoted Empoli, could be rising again
  7. Couple of Danish/Swedish/Polish risers. I might be well off with these so just bare that in mind. Filip Lesniak 70-75 Jacob Rasmussen 73-77 Rafa Kurzawa (Started for Poland in WC - lots of minutes with a remarkable 16 assists! and one for Bednarek in WC) 78-82 Arnor Sigurdsson 70-73 Marcus Degerlund 73-77 (might not materialise due to moving to 2nd tier side on loan) William Eskelinen 70-75 Jonathan Augustinsson 73-77 Ibrahim Dresevic 70-75 Oguchukwu Onyeka 70-74 Edgar Babayan 75-78/79/80? (recently called up to Armenian squad and played, full
  8. Couple of people have asked on here what’s next in the review. Norway is being done now and then it’s Sweden/Denmark because both haven’t been done in a while and they seem to do the Scandinavian nations at similar times
  9. Couple of players which I think are due to rise to 90 in the next review, thoughts? Phil Jones, Daniele Rugani, Gerard Deulofeu & Fernandez Nacho? Decent rises on the cards for a few names I haven't seen on any forums yet such as Kaylen Hinds for Wolfsburg, Brooks Lennon and Jack Harrison in the MLS Hinds 70-75 Lennon 70-75 Harrison 78-81/82?
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