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  1. Re: Pato and Hamsik for Sneijder? Ok sorry to bother you all forumers again, I would just like to know whether Pato and Hamsik would rise in the next Italian changes? This said taking into account their club form(Milan top of Serie A, Napoli also exceeding expectations this season) Thanks.
  2. Re: Help with deal - plz reply fast! No, I wouldn't do it. IMO, Gourcuff and Navas are decent midfielders and Aguero is a tad overrated. Moreover, two 92s are better than 1 94 in a competitive setup.
  3. Hi people, So here's the deal: I am in a English Champ which is kind of competitive. I bidded for Tottenham's Sneijder and the manager countered me with a part-exchange deal of Pato and Hamsik. Hamsik is nothing more than a fringe player but Pato is my 3rd choice striker(I play 3-5-2). However, this deal looks too good to be missed. I hereby appeal for enlightenment from you fellow forumers. The main worry is that Pato and Hamik might be potential 94-95s in the future(that was why I bought them in the first place) and that Sneijder is losing his form from last season. Thanks in advance.
  4. Re: Sergio Asenjo i have not heard of any transfer rumours of asenjo moving but it would be a waste of talent for him to warm the bench. I believe he will seek a move out soon, either by loan or transfer. For now, someone who hadn't been playing will have to drop, sadly.
  5. Re: theo walcott vs mario balotelli My money's on Walcott. He has improved considerably from last season but is not yet the finished product, still lacking in consistency. However, he had shown glimpses of promises such as the hat-trick against blackpool. IMO, he can be good but will not rise this time round. Well, Balotelli's a strange case. One moment he is scoring goals for fun and the next he is suspended for some stupid reason. Anyone remember the match when he scored for City and got sent off soon after. Hero to Zero. IMO, he can be good but he is spoiling his chances with his attitude
  6. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Should I hold onto Burdisso, who is on loan at Roma? Roma isn't doing all that well after all... I don't follow Italian footie, so I aren't too sure whether he is the real deal.
  7. Re: van der vaart or gourcuff Its really tough deciding, as mentioned, VDV has been in outrageously fine form this season but we must not discount the fact that Gourcuff has been touted to be the next 'Zidane' for France. However, for short term, i would do the deal as VDV is a consistent performer for both Spurs and his former employees(Madrid). Gourcuff on the other hand tends to falter in big games and his talent has not been utilised wisely yet by the national team(things might take a change since Blanc is now manager). So, i would suggest you do the deal unless you are playing long term(
  8. Re: Mascherano, how? Nope he isn't starting regularly at Barca, seems like Busquets is favoured over him despite him being the better one. Nevertheless I think you should still do the deal: he is one of the best holding midfielders in the world and throughout a long season, i daresay he will get his chance to shine. Hope this helps:D
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