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  1. I was backing the 97 a bit back. Truly deserves it. Bit of luck with his 1st goal but his numbers this season are amazing. Pretty sure he’s been more lethal than Messi and Ronaldo this season. I think he’s earned it but we shall see how SM deal with it
  2. I really hope your right about Lewandowski, Muller, Kimmich and especially Davies. I’d say they all deserve it except maybe Kimmich ok at 94. Fingers crossed tho 🤞🏻
  3. So your saying 94 by end of season? No chance. Slim chance of 93 but with the move to Chelsea SM will no doubt wait to see how well he adapts to the PL before he will go any higher
  4. No idea why anyone would offer this. Clearly the duo
  5. Think he was merely having a joke. Sort of......haha. Utd on a decent run at the moment.
  6. Aye nothing like a serious defensive error, giving away a penalty and being sent off to solidify your importance to a club
  7. I’m also a bit confused as to what part of it is cheating?? Can someone clarify?
  8. See if you can straight swap him for Alfonso Davies
  9. Even if Florenzi doesn’t drop I still think the duo is better
  10. Fair enough those are good statistics but I think Casemiro has peaked at 93. Unless he can maintain those figures next season and RM win League I don’t personally ever see him rising
  11. Defo duo. Rodri May get CB position as well as a rise I’d take Coman Not that it matters now as you’ve already accepted but I’d stick with Oblak
  12. That is strange. Can’t believe Robinho got 95!!! I feel that they may have been more generous with ratings in the early days. It’s extremely difficult for players to get past 95 nowadays. Either that or players in current times just aren’t up to the same standards. But surely players such as Salah and Aguero both 95 surpassed Robinho’s level when he was at his peak?
  13. That link takes you to a page from 2008 where players like Ronaldinho have started to decline and Messi is yet to peak
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