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  1. Kante should be getting -1. I thought that was a guarantee but Chelsea may be finished
  2. Yeah good so far but surely more to come!? Zlatan, Leao and Kessie
  3. Agreed. Thiago got it a few years back. Fernandes is the reason Man Utd aren’t bottom half
  4. Yeah so true. Felt sorry for Lewa. He was robbed
  5. I know it’s not done by direct comparison. I just find it very inconsistent how players like Cavani and Higuain who scored bags of goals for years both only reached 94 yet Kane could get 96 potentially winning nothing major. David Silva is/was class and only hit 94.
  6. I’m slightly confused by this. I see quite a few have backed Kane for 96 at least by the end of season. Sure he’s had a great start to the season but is he really better than Aguero ever was or as good as neymar is/was? Plus 96 is just shy of Suarez, Iniesta, Xavi, Zlatan, Eto’o and Gerrard at their peaks amongst others. Do people really believe he’s that good? Plus he’s won nothing of major importance yet. I feel 95 is more than enough when compared to the ability/accomplishments of players I listed who reached 95 or above. Interested to see others opinions.....
  7. Mingueza of Barca maybe? This could be the CB your thinking of from a few pages back?
  8. I came on to ask this exact question lol. You beat me by an hour! I agree with the answers already given. The commentators in last nights game were drooling over him. Don’t like the “clone of Lahm” comments they made although I see why the comparison. I think 95 for him and 94 for Alaba will come by new year if Bayern continue dominance in the league and good CL progress
  9. I don’t think Sule or Lucas have had enough minutes due to injury to warrant a rise yet. Pavard deserves +1 tho imo
  10. Yes. Hazard is closing in on 30 and running out of time to prove his worth of 95. Sancho could continue to improve but Mbappe is the man you want.
  11. He’s older now so makes perfect sense 😂🤣
  12. Fati+Reyna+Renier or Sancho? Iv got Sancho but feel the trio will be so much more valuable in about 2 years
  13. I think a great feature they could add would be an individual transfer list for each team. So for example I could add players I’m looking to offload to a list and when others look at my team they can click on my transfer list and clearly see who I’m willing to sell. I think this would help because I’m not sure many people use the general transfer list that much in many game worlds.
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