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  1. I’d defo take the cash and duo Ridiculous. +1 would have been more than enough for his contribution
  2. Haaland seems to be an absolute goal machine. I’d pick him Maybe end of season if he keeps up his individual performance. Isn’t he injured now tho?? I reckon they are finished with Man Utd and Spurs so no
  3. I don’t think it was a bad deal but Sancho and Havertz easily have 93+ potential so he must be willing to be patient and have 2 highly rated players instead of 1
  4. Haaland scored 2 more tonight so I wouldn’t give up lol. Varane for Upamecano is madness at this point
  5. Excellent information mate 👍🏻 Cheers
  6. I’m mate it was harsh. I’m all for players who are past the best dropping. It’s fair. Like Ronaldo-1. Fair. He’s still great but not as good as his 99
  7. Yeah keep Umtiti. keep Sane as well. Felix will come good but if you want rid of him yeah get Haaland
  8. Yeah I’m pretty sure he only got 95 because Lewandowski was going to 96 and Aubameyang’s scoring record wasn’t too far behind so they felt compelled to rise his as well
  9. Well Suarez was till a week ago lol. Do you think he deserved to drop to 94? Is he any worse than the others you mentioned above?? He’s had a far better season than Griezmann and Hazard (although he’s had injuries). Salah is at Liverpool so yeah he’s obviously safe. Aubameyang is doing the best he can and doing well considering the poor quality around him but with Arsenal so bad at the moment SM obviously decided they can’t have a 95 rated player in their squad. Aguero is still class so a drop would be ridiculous at this point
  10. Lewandowski if you only plan for the next 1-2 real years. Any longer defo Werner
  11. SM can be very unpredictable and inconsistent but I’d say if he maintains his own personal level of performances and goals it’s unlikely he will drop again in summer. So as a short term signing probably a good investment still imo
  12. Suarez got -1 (unfair in my opinion) as he has 11 goals and 7 assists in 17 league matches for top of the table Barca. I expected Aubameyang to drop because of this coupled with Arsenals poor form
  13. I’d take that deal too. Messi top class for a few more years and Fati looking decent. I’d guess Sterling will peak at 95 I don’t think it’s too harsh because I’d agree Saul and Koke are on the same level. I can’t see why Verratti held his 94 tho. Inconsistent
  14. I agree. It’s very similar to the Jordi Alba situation. He should have got 93 years before he did because he and his team were at a higher level. I think it’s a balancing act by SM. So many older defenders drop so they compensate with rises
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