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  1. I’d go for Coutinho. Verratti should never have got to 94. Seems injured fairly often and PSG never seem to win anything outside of France. Coutinho getting good game time for Bayern and should hold 94 safely
  2. I’d probably take that deal. Tolisso is good but the 2 youngsters offered look very promising. Is Tolisso a starter for you?
  3. I had De Gea in a game world and he was almost useless. Pretty much every shot on target went passed him no matter who the opposition was. Can’t speak for everyone because I’m sure he performs well for some. If he continues making mistakes every so often and Utd don’t up their game he could drop this season. I’d stick with who you have and look for another keeper. Ederson, Allison, Oblak or a younger option like Donna or Onana who will rise
  4. Definitely the duo. Both great chance of a rise in the near future and Umtiti struggling for game time
  5. Well il be damned! As a truck driver by trade I’m disgusted at myself for not making that connection! Thanks for the correction 👍🏻
  6. What makes him a MUST BUY? I ask because he is 25 in December and has 12 appearances this season for a fairly average club so even if he got a big rise his value would remain low. I’m curious
  7. Hahahaha seen that. I think that’s the oldest Iv ever seen on SM
  8. I’d keep Sancho. So good Dortmund have reportedly doubled his wages to £190k a week. He will probably move on for a few of over £100 million next summer
  9. I think Bernardo is a superior player in terms of passing, technical ability, ball control etc but the last season and a half sterling’s stats don’t lie. It’s a non lose situation so maybe pick who you prefer in real life
  10. 1- Richarlison 2- Piatek 3- Guedes 4- Oyarzabal 5- Alcacer
  11. I’d defo not straight swap Sancho for Pepe. Pepe has a great season as did Sancho but he’s 3/4 years older and Sancho could easily be on the same rating as him by Christmas. I’d do: Pepe+Werner Or Pepe+Ndombele Not sure he would accept either tho lol
  12. Hard to say how they will all develop from here but of that list I’d only rather have Havertz than Sancho. Hard to really explain why but I just expect him to make it to a higher peak than the others. Lets see what others think....
  13. Agreed. Seems too harsh to me as well. Possibly a few more tomorrow since they haven’t started Barcelona yet Definitely. Fabinho is younger, plays more positions and is an important part of a very strong Liverpool team. I think Walker has peaked whereas Fabinho has scope to rise again in future
  14. I’d keep Richarlison It’s possible but he’d need to have a brilliant season
  15. Can you get anyone younger or higher rated than Wijnaldum?
  16. I’m convinced it’s not done yet. Surely
  17. They may finish Juve tomorrow and start Spain. What’s the logic in dropping Bonucci but not Chiellini?? Very strange. I thought Bonucci would stay and they’d drop Chiellini lol
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