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  1. I had to prove I wasn’t a robot, re enter my email and password and it worked. That was thru the app
  2. If Gremio is finished they missed Vanderson…..
  3. No. Sterling isn’t playing as consistently as he was when he got 94. Now with Grealish also at city I’d say he is at risk of -1 next summer unless he can get his starting spot in the team back
  4. I would do it but it’s a close one
  5. Thanks for the reply. My team is pretty strong in all positions so il take the deal and hope one of my youths goes as far as Havertz so I don’t regret it lol. Thanks for your input
  6. Cheers to those who answered the Havertz or Jesus+Saka question.
  7. Havertz or Jesus+Saka? Iv been more impressed by Havertz recently but it’s a decent offer. Cheers
  8. If your a small club with limited cash I’d take the duo. Adana Traore has flashes of magic but I don’t think he’s anything special
  9. Thanks. I’d be happy with 84 to make him a decent profit maker Fair enough. As a 1 off what would you predict for Yuri Alberto? I’d swap Kroos for any of the 3. I think Thiago will have a better season with Liverpool so should be safe at 94. The other 2 are similar to each other in my opinion. Maybe just edge Sane
  10. What do the numbers in the brackets mean? Do you have a prediction for Yuri Alberto of SC Internacional? Also when will you be doing the remaining teams? Look forward to checking them out. Thanks
  11. Thanks 👍🏻 What do you predict for Yuri Alberto of SC Internacional?
  12. I checked the first page of the forum but couldn’t find up to date predictions for Brazil which started today. Anyone got a link? Cheers
  13. Out of curiosity how would you have ranked them personally?
  14. Taking any recent transfers into account I’d say: De Paul Malen Nkunku David
  15. Yeah I know but may as well sell him now as it seems he won’t be reviewed again for months and I could use the money…….
  16. So definitely no rise for Igor Diveev it seems. Seems like a big miss to me. May as well sell him now before his birthday next month
  17. Szoboszlai or Jonathan David?? Cheers
  18. Iv held on to Diveev for months and finally expected it today. I’m hoping he gets done tomorrow but I can see them missing him
  19. Personally I’d hold out for a better offer than that
  20. Look I agree that some of the position changes are questionable but they are obviously attempting to do it to make the game more like real life. Clearly not successfully in some instances. It’s just yet another one of the many things SM do that we will never properly understand or change so you may as well just accept it and try and enjoy the parts of the game that you are happy with. Personally I think KDB should have the positions M(C) AM(RLC)
  21. I was hoping they would be generous and give him 82 like Diogo Costa but still happy with +7
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