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  1. My team is first and played with the second. in the 38th Mn his defender took a second yellow card and he left the match, in the 81th another player was sent off. Strangely we finished the match by a draw 3/3. my question :do you take Red Card as a parameter of winning or losing a match or its just a symbolic and exotic material. in real match, Red Card is a punishment for teams who lose a player. I think its time to change it. Sincerely.
  2. Hello, (firstly sorry for my English) Its not fare to expose our team's instructions in the result to players who just established in there instruction because its working. Even if it doesn't work for them, but I think instructions settling are propriety of player who spends a lot of time to research, install and combined in order to get the best combination for their team. voila. thanks and good luck