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  1. Re: World Champ 1 yh ty m8 , i have a few players avaibale for loan m8.
  2. Re: World Champ 1 Alright alvin nah i dnt mind you posting it Yh i thought the squad needed an overall strengthing cause the squad werent too big , and im suprised that alot of the deals have went god for me lol .
  3. Re: World Champ 1 Hello everyone , yesterday i took Ac milan in this setup , if any is interested in doing deals pm .
  4. Re: United v Barca - WC845 Hi im the chelsea manager , it been a pretty average season , but with 4 games left there chance to move up the league , im 14th and spence is 2nd and between all them places is a 8 point difference so there plenty to play for . I signed some brilliant players but the season had faile dto live up to the expectations . Chelsea struggling to find form dissapointing season for chelsea and the fans , start a fresh again next season I would like to say Fair play to ross the man utd who deserves the tittle who has albut win it and greig spence who has mad a bri
  5. Re: Save Our Season HI people . I done not to bad with my mallorca team , i won 1 and drawn 1, lost 1 they had a rubbish squad , but i bought a few top players and im placed 15th and being 17th
  6. Re: Save Our Season i think it would be interesting if other forumers joined this challenge as me and steve has . ........to see who is the best manager in a hard challenge
  7. Re: Save Our Season ive took mallorca they are 17 th in rhe league and a rubbish team , but if i can get a few loans and a few cheap players maybe i can turn the club around:cool:
  8. Re: Save Our Season m8 fair play and good luck to you . it should be a good challenege and let us know on the forum how u get on m8 . i think i might join that league and take the challenge with you
  9. Re: top managers only new setup m8 what is the league called , my rep is over 75 , could i join it plz
  10. Re: Cancelling a setup before it has been made Yo dude , could i join yur setup plz m8 , let us know what teams i could be cheers
  11. I am the new manager of Manchester city , normally i go for the top four temasd in england when a EC is made , but this time i fell im up for a challenege and see where it takes me . City has a £27 million budget . I can see that city contain a lot of top players , micah richards , elano , martin petrov , these 3 players will be the core of my squad and i will try and build a team around them . what i would consider a good season would be top 8 finish . To try and raise more money for new signings i am selling Darrius Vassell and Georgias Samaras both to sunderland and coventry respectively .
  12. Re: Hi you scallywags LOL ok . ( never mind )
  13. Re: Hi you scallywags YH m8 im up for it , should be good m8 . let us know m8 , ill join
  14. Re: ALTOGETHER NOW I was middlesborough in wc2 last year for a few months and i guided them to a cup final and were 5th in the league , but i left just before the end of the season , i started to rebuild the squad with some top players been signed , but since they have been wrecked and struglling in the league .
  15. Re: Best League Enlgish premier is clearly the best , it has the most exciting matches , loads of goals , incidents , and all the teams in the prem all have good players , whereas in italy , spain , onyl the top 8 teams have good players , and the premier league has the most passoniate fans int he world , i am a man u fan , but liverpool fans are amazing at anfield , and the best entertainment of any pleague is EPL:cool:
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