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  1. Umtiti or Lucas hernandez + werner?
  2. hi Socca, thanks for you explanation. The most important thing is he is not seriously injured and he won't lost a lot season's part. reading your explanation i think he will return soon to play, so i can make the deal. Thank you and all the users who answer 😁
  3. I'm seeing he is injured. Something serious?
  4. swap maguire for de vrij + winks?
  5. Rashford + camavinga for Sancho?
  6. Keep an eye on Nuno Tavares (Benfica)
  7. Only him. He is free and i can buy him. I'm seeing he played some matches last season. He is only 89 so he has good chances for riseing (i think)
  8. Kante or pogba? Kante reached his peak? Would you swap kante for pogba? Thanks
  9. I hope he will plays some matches😉
  10. I'd go for nuno tavares. Joao filipe is already taken
  11. Is goncalo ramos (benfica, 18y) a must buy? Thanks
  12. Yes dani martin. I couldn't find him. Thank you
  13. Is The new betis's gk not in the database yet? Thanks
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