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  1. MIKEL OYARZABAL...any chance of rise or is he worth offloading??
  2. Kante at Chelsea due a rise or stay for now?
  3. What's the chances of Becker getting an increase?
  4. Can anyone help, What's the likelihood of Vidal and Boateng dropping in the next review? if so to what rating? also what players are likely to rise to 93/94's?? Thanks in advance..
  5. Do SM impose a limit on the amount of seasons for the standard games worlds or are they infinite?? i know that game worlds close when teams fall below 2 managers but curious as to whether there are any other reasons that worlds may end...
  6. Hi, quick question, if two or more clubs put in maximum value bids on a transfer requested player who will win?? i.e the first club to put max bid, highest positioned club, lowest or is it a club picked at random??
  7. Thanks for reply and answering query mate, quite misleading like you say...i only continued voting on SW so i could vote on the more major aspects of SM like ratings, positional changes etc...once again thanks, most appreciated.
  8. sorry been away... dale.sullivan is username... level 6 and shows 100% can't seem to go level 7 if such a level exists...who votes on player ratings or is it a kinda illuminati type secret society?
  9. Quick question, who actually votes on players ratings as there just doesn't seem to be an option to vote like you can for say a player changing clubs, weight, hair style etc...is there a certain level you have to be? I've reached level 6 and to be honest it doesn't give you much more voting rights than before??
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