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  1. Re: Figo to retire from football! shame his agent didnt know the rules beacuse he was destined for italy at his peak, at the end italy saw a shadow of the great player well past his prime
  2. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! funny how when he should have got it he didnt and when he maybe should not have got it he did. These guys have no idea, they can't even get it right with a really high profile player in italy doesnt really give me much faith in what they do with all the rest there
  3. Re: Alex Del Piero, Unfair Rating!!! and won it
  4. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in. recent months ?
  5. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? the fact that finding out 'who i am' (I'm newish so dunno what to say there) is taking precedence over actually listening to what I say pretty much sums it up I think. anyway i agree now that this thread is useless as the mods arent really interested in having a dialogue and are rather just choosing to back each other up shooting down anyone who dares say that 'some' mods abuse their powers.
  6. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ? so being chat an hour EVERY DAY does not mean that the guy has a good feel of the chatroom? what a joke. Please tell us Dai how long a day must we be on chat a day in order for you not to just shoot our opinion down with your bright gold star? One hour a day is ample time in my opinion, I have been on chat regularly and am NOT saying that what the guy says happens ALL the time but it does happen, maybe you should be online more often if you have NEVER seen it. It happens and I'm still surprised at the reaction his comments have gotten by mods on here, there was nothing maliscious about his post, just alot of defensive, 'gang mentality' mods responding has turned this thread into rubbish, not his original post. You need to not be so defensive about peoples opinions, which begs the question why are you so defensive. Anyway, this post will get flamed because it doesn't coincide with what certain people WANT me to say, oh well.
  7. Re: Goalkeepers' Ratings Predictions
  8. Re: SM Chat, has it gone down in recent months ?
  9. Re: Goalkeepers' Ratings Predictions I think Del Piero has a shirt that says "Casillas is my bunny". No chance of him rising.
  10. Re: Club Hoppers!!! you have my vote.. although I like the 10 day minimum stay thingy, at least that way your current transfers won't get botched by kids. I've had so many transfers, in 2 of my 3 setups, (gaawwwwwddd... lllaaammmmeee ok... 2 of my 3 GAMEWORLDS) be rejected by a 'new' manager who 'accepts' another offer and simply quits straight after that I have pretty much stopped doing any 'real' transfers and just focus on setting up my team correctly to only figure out some 50 weeks later that the match engine is just as stupid. The only thing this game has going for it is the stock market like transfer system, SM must protect this because they can't fall back on the actual game itself... just my opinion.
  11. Re: Best overall forumer (January) I guess I'm an idiot then because I think that Bob is the funniest forumer this month:o I was gonna vote for Dai, but didn't. Smartdoc it is.
  12. Re: Keane Says Hello To Spurs!! He went, he saw, he failed
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