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  1. Re: The catchup!! am enjoying spurs start as much as your enjoying southampton's start to the season am very good thankyou, its just been hectic very busy in my household!!! kids are fine the oldest is now nearly four and the other boy is now 8 months old... so its just been so busy, hardly ever on pc these days. when i have a bit of spare it spent with the family, a bit of five-a-side or working out at the gym i see my inter team is still looking quite good and adam's got my old fiorentina team, if i was manager though they would be in the 1st division by now!!!
  2. just a quick post here to see how everyone is, if you can remember who iam i hope all you usual suspects are ok you know who you are, i have probably not been active on here since christmas reply back to me what you guys have been up to. craig
  3. Re: Happy Birthday to....................... happy birthday teb have a good one. let the alcohol be with you
  4. cheers for the comments guys, the smudger will be back if and when i get time and yes i know teb, bobo(sam) does has issues. Its all banter but cheers guys should be on sometime next week again
  5. just thought id explain myself and why i havnt been on the forum lately.... life has been realy buzy at the moment and came the whole lot hectic when my mrs had a baby last friday at 5.26am we have called my son jayden ellis, he is a star and keeps us both buzy... the forum used to be a second home, i hardly ever visit anymore i would like to find more time in the future because i miss the general chat and banter hope the usual suspects of the forum are ok? you know who you are craig
  6. its ok george i actualy have them lol.... by the way how is everyone???? how are all the forumers??? hope everyone is ok
  7. i know its my own fault but i have lost fiorentina in wc81.am guessing i didnt log in within 2wks but am sure i did. sure half the players have now been sold for stupidly low prices and the team will be dispanded fiorentina wc81 R.I.P i will miss you guys(what an amazing team) if anyone can get them back or knows who has them pm cheers
  8. hope everyone is well and doing ok in wc2, i have a day on saturday so for the 1st time in whats seems weeks or months i shall give my teams some attention... they most be all on 40-60% fitness lol.... and also look into loaning and seeling some of my players on sat..... also like to mention go on hull city two wins in the row get in
  9. am guessing its me vs you then paul.... ive got to go out now though lol. have to drive 20miles now to go and give my little sis her pressies sorry
  10. no need to send out a search party am here, and have no plans of getteing a night job on a street corner just started a new job about 2months back, havnt had any spare time really often working till 8pm most nights, so really tired am dont tend to go on the pc.. got today and crimbo day off then am at work for the next 11days after that, oh well someone has to do it!!!! how is everyone??? hope everyone has a good christmas craig
  11. 2-0 2-0 1-0 1-1 2-0 0-2 0-1 1-0
  12. ok matey am online now if thats any help
  13. paul i havnt played in weeks, il play u whenever your ready
  14. hi, sorry i havnt placed my scores in a while my internet has been down am i still involved or is smudger no more
  15. yeah lots of up and downs very happy to end up at the top of the tree in wc2, with so many forumers in it!!!
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