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  1. Re: Christopher Buchtmann set up 3 of the 4 goals against england u-17's.
  2. Re: Lauri DALLA VALLE, Liverpool Next Wonderkid (MUST LOOK and COMMENT!!)
  3. Re: Lauri DALLA VALLE, Liverpool Next Wonderkid (MUST LOOK and COMMENT!!) he is more of a forward.even in AM position, pacheco is ahead of him. rafa benitez has also spoken highly of him and he looks set to make the breakthrough in the next 2 years. also he is very likely to be involved in the pre-season. these kind of talents are very rare.will definitely be one of the best strikers of the world of the next decade here's the link about what rafa said about him- http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/archivedirs/news/2009/apr/30/N164206090430-0712.htm links demonstrating his ability- http:
  4. Re: 4 on 4 (Week 2): Post Your Score kaka: Midfielder Played : +1 Clean Sheet : +0 Score Goals: 1 +3 Each Goal Conceded: 0.5 Make Assist: 2 Yellow Card: 0 Red Card : 0 Total: +5.5 ______________
  5. Re: New setup, you choose the rules and teams! can i take real madrid mu ingame username- balvinder sangwan
  6. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports listen,chelsea i,the manager of blackburn now expect to have the first choice on yourloaned players as it was my win agains norwich that allowed u to be the winners. thanx
  7. Re: 4 on 4 Fantasy Football: See Your Team and Choose Your Player!!! i choose kaka
  8. Re: 4 on 4 Fantasy Football (LOOKING FOR PARTICIPANT!) i'll also join
  9. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) radebe,what about diakite
  10. Re: Moreno ÓSCAR SIELVA - BUY NOW!!! liverpool have the first option to buy him.he was included in the deal that saw finnan move to espanyol
  11. Re: European championship!!!(in a few weeks)2 i have submitted an application for real.please accept
  12. it is a very good kind of set up .80 teams with small stadiums and very low rated players. here u can't just sell your star players and then easily build your teams with the money. here u have to start from scratch ,have patience to see your teams rising. i think its a real challenge to look forward to. i want all the forumers to join it .its a real test.
  13. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports i have applied for blackburn rovers
  14. Re: FootballMania 25 (New Thread) then please tell me the clubs left
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