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  1. Re: Lots of players that need increases Big increases for james, lallana and addison
  2. Re: Main overview page.... They changed it again a week or so ago, again
  3. Will SM stop ******* around with this, changing the layout and having ads scattered all over the place? It was fine the way it was....
  4. Re: David Carney Carney should decrease.....he's absoloutely awful, trust me
  5. quite a wide range here Lloyd James- Southampton- Rated 72, should rise to 77 (6 starts this season) Adam Lallana- Southampton- rated 70, should rise to 77/78 (6 starts) Martin Caceres- Barca- Rated 89, big money move to barca, if he plays should go over the 90 mark (1 start from 2) Miles Addison- Derby- Rated 73, should rise to 78 (started last 3 games) Steven Defour- Standard- Rated 89, should rise to 90+ if he keeps performing for standard and belgium Miguel Danny- Zenit- Rated 88, big move to zenit in the summer, if he impresses with them should go over 90 Ashley Young- Villa- Rated 90, would definitely expect him to go to 92 next Theo Walcott- Arsenal- rated 88, should go to 89/90 Gabby Agbonlahor- Villa- rated 89, should increase to 90 Daniel Parejo- QPR- Rated 70! Should go to 79
  6. Re: markel SUSAETA I can remember making a post about him as well after I saw him play a few times for bilbao...had him at 77 on most teams!
  7. Re: Most money you can get? Just interested thats all. Amassed loads of money on my barca team and didnt want 500m to be the max
  8. Is there a max amount of money you can have? Because my barca team have 490m at the moment, wondering if it might be 500m?
  9. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players) Marat Dzakhmishev- Bought this guy last night for 600k, increased to 84 this morning and is now worth 3m! Woo. Sorry I didnt tell you about him :p
  10. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak Bought pogrebenyak a while ago for 11m, hoping hell go to 91
  11. Re: English talents WAAAAAAAAAAAHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY Donny promoted :D :D :D So if Hird plays regularly in the CCC bound to get an increase to 78/79?
  12. Re: Joseph Mattock I scouted him aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, its bolton who had the offer for him btw However, when i saw him play last he was poor.....
  13. Re: English talents No-one care then?
  14. Adam Lallana- Broke into sotons team towards the end of the season, scoring one vital goal to earn a point at west brom. Should get more starts next season, rated at 70 and worth it Febian Brandy- Man U youngster loaned to swansea, scoring around 5 goals during the season in their promotion season. Rated 74, if he plays for them next season could increase, but 1 for the future anyway Liam Trotter- english talent from ipswich, 6 appearances last season and if he features more then increase from 74 required Sam Hird- Similar to Lallana in making some appearances towards the end of the season, expect a rise from 72, especially if donny are promoted
  15. Re: Players to watch out in the second half of the season That wasnt an og, it was alfie potters goal...
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