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  1. Re: David Carney Carney should decrease.....he's absoloutely awful, trust me
  2. Re: German Changes I can remember neur at 74..quality signing him
  3. Re: German Changes I pointed out Eric Choupo-Moting a while ago, last week he scored his first goal this season for hamburg in the uefa cup after coming on as a sub. 10 sub appearances but he is only 18 and still developing. Rated 74, rise to 79/80 possible
  4. Re: transfer system is pants FFS 'crazy bones' get your head out of your arse- why slate someone for reopening a decent discussion? I didnt understand your last post- can you put it a bit more clearly? It was a bit all over the place...
  5. Re: transfer system is pants The problem is, (I am now noticing) is that managers will reject offers under their valuation of the player, and if you offer more to try and get it accepted it will simply get cancelled, because then its over sm's valuation. 10m and reyes for m diarra got canceleld the other day!
  6. Re: English prospects Aye unfortunately he came into the team last season but hasnt been playing this season
  7. Re: Fabian Assman, GK Independiente, Argentina - (5 Star) ***** Tip I found him around 2 weeks ago, but forgot to bid for him! :(
  8. Re: Italian Ratings What do people think bassi, de silvestri and diakite will increase to? I think.... De Silvestri- 83 Diakite- 80 Bassi- 83
  9. Re: Inter Milan Ratings Dacourt to 92 Materazzi to 93
  10. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Wahey- dani mallo up to 82
  11. Re: A few highly rated players Maybe no increase for reyes on 2nd thoughts. Materazzi should go up to 93 also, regular for inter
  12. Re: A few highly rated players Just bringing this back up Sergio Ramos- Has been a regular for Real madrid team that won the title, and arguably one of their best performers. 92--->93 Olivier Dacourt- Played 24 times for a very successful inter team, who won serie a by 22 points. Made more appearances than vieira for example. only rated 90, but 91, maybe even 92 would be correct. Following on- has played in the first2 games this season as well. Deffo 92 Add these to list: David Suazo- Played and scored quite a few for inter in pre-season and has played in the first few games for them.
  13. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Agree about dani mallo- im thinking up to 82
  14. Re: Chris Malonga Was about to check if any nancy players deserved an increase..good find
  15. Re: Some players of serie A for the future part 1 Ill say... Criscito Dacourt De silvestri Diakite Bassi
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