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  1. Re: Lots of players that need increases Big increases for james, lallana and addison
  2. Re: Main overview page.... They changed it again a week or so ago, again
  3. Will SM stop ******* around with this, changing the layout and having ads scattered all over the place? It was fine the way it was....
  4. Re: David Carney Carney should decrease.....he's absoloutely awful, trust me
  5. quite a wide range here Lloyd James- Southampton- Rated 72, should rise to 77 (6 starts this season) Adam Lallana- Southampton- rated 70, should rise to 77/78 (6 starts) Martin Caceres- Barca- Rated 89, big money move to barca, if he plays should go over the 90 mark (1 start from 2) Miles Addison- Derby- Rated 73, should rise to 78 (started last 3 games) Steven Defour- Standard- Rated 89, should rise to 90+ if he keeps performing for standard and belgium Miguel Danny- Zenit- Rated 88, big move to zenit in the summer, if he impresses with them should go over 90 Ashley Young- Villa- Rated 90, would definitely expect him to go to 92 next Theo Walcott- Arsenal- rated 88, should go to 89/90 Gabby Agbonlahor- Villa- rated 89, should increase to 90 Daniel Parejo- QPR- Rated 70! Should go to 79
  6. Re: markel SUSAETA I can remember making a post about him as well after I saw him play a few times for bilbao...had him at 77 on most teams!
  7. Re: Most money you can get? Just interested thats all. Amassed loads of money on my barca team and didnt want 500m to be the max
  8. Is there a max amount of money you can have? Because my barca team have 490m at the moment, wondering if it might be 500m?
  9. Re: Bestpay's Russian Ratings (17 players) Marat Dzakhmishev- Bought this guy last night for 600k, increased to 84 this morning and is now worth 3m! Woo. Sorry I didnt tell you about him :p
  10. Re: Pavel Pogrebnyak Bought pogrebenyak a while ago for 11m, hoping hell go to 91
  11. Re: English talents WAAAAAAAAAAAHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY Donny promoted :D :D :D So if Hird plays regularly in the CCC bound to get an increase to 78/79?
  12. Re: Joseph Mattock I scouted him aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, its bolton who had the offer for him btw However, when i saw him play last he was poor.....
  13. Re: English talents No-one care then?
  14. Adam Lallana- Broke into sotons team towards the end of the season, scoring one vital goal to earn a point at west brom. Should get more starts next season, rated at 70 and worth it Febian Brandy- Man U youngster loaned to swansea, scoring around 5 goals during the season in their promotion season. Rated 74, if he plays for them next season could increase, but 1 for the future anyway Liam Trotter- english talent from ipswich, 6 appearances last season and if he features more then increase from 74 required Sam Hird- Similar to Lallana in making some appearances towards the end of the season, expect a rise from 72, especially if donny are promoted
  15. Re: Players to watch out in the second half of the season That wasnt an og, it was alfie potters goal...
  16. Re: Spanish Ratings Susaeta increased as I expected, 78 to 86. Tracked this guy through the season so happy with the rise
  17. Re: Players to watch out in the second half of the season I doubt slavkosvski will play much for us, we've now signed cotterill from wigan to add to our strikers. Plus we already have 7 strikers I tink...
  18. Re: Spanish Ratings Villa should go down to 93, iniesta to 95, susaeta to 86 BTW got luis fabiano for 13m hours before he went up! Happy days
  19. Re: Ryan Shawcross Hes a dirty *******
  20. Re: Sheffield United Rating Changes Killgallon should have gone to 85 if anything....best def this season after cahill Most were ok, but sharp should have stayed and geary stay as well.
  21. Re: Players to watch out in the second half of the season Joe Mattock, Ashley Chambers
  22. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Hated teams: Wednesday Leeds West Ham Reading QPR Manure Liverpool Fulham Hated players: Stephen Hunt Shawcross (dirty *******) Wayne Rooney Steven Gerrard Frank Lampard Gareth Ainsworth Rio Ferdinand Anton Ferdinand Diouf
  23. Re: Capdevilla and Ufjalusi?!? Capdevila should get an increase. He's been playing for spain quite regularly, and for villareal, who are near the top of la liga. Id expect him to go up to 92
  24. Re: Oscar Cardozo If he was a better finisher he could have had even more, against celtic both times he created loads of chances, just got really unlucky. Great target man though and should be 89/90
  25. Re: Binya! Youve seen worse? That ******* clearly tried to break his leg. I didnt buy him a bit ago just because of that tackle.
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