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  1. May I have a Real Madrid team at the address: akhmed@managerzone.com
  2. I watched the Brazil-Argy match and some of these players should go up: Blumer Elano- rated 90, up to 91/92 if he keeps good performances up Robinho up to 93/94 Daniel Carvalho, rated 90, up to 91
  3. I dont think hes gonna be playing for us this season, maybe in a few seasons tho
  4. nick_the_blade


    Ouch dai hahaha
  5. Agahowa rated 86, 1.5m Stoican rated 87.........................500k!!!!!
  6. Tommy Spurr? Played twice i think because of injuries, 70 is high enough
  7. Here: http://www.sparta.cz/srv/www/en/football/team/viewMemberDetail.do?memberId=783 Played in 5 friendlies and all 4 League matches so far
  8. And Ludovic Sylvestre- definetly up to 80+ btw
  9. I agree he should go up a bit
  10. I think all of these player ratings should go up, most are regulars for their team and deserve a better rating! Feel free to ask why in particular some should go up you disagree with (I have listed their ratings at the moment) Tomasz Cywka-60 Evander Sno-77 Filipe Morais-71 Adam Rooney- 73 Victor Anichebe- 77 Gabriel Paletta- 85 Oswaldo Sanchez- 86 Eddie Johnson- 85 Ludovic Sylvestre- 73 Paddy Kenny- 84 Chris Armstrong- 80 Daniel Alves- 90
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