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  1. Re: Clayton DONALDSON Noticed him at 66, some about him in this thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=6440 Agree about morais and ma-kalamby as well, they shud increase
  2. Re: good players no rating change... Susaeta deffo should have gone up[!
  3. Re: Italian Ratings What do people think bassi, de silvestri and diakite will increase to? I think.... De Silvestri- 83 Diakite- 80 Bassi- 83
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Krucinho- its not all about appearances is it? Susaeta has scored a few and played well
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings Markel Susaeta of Bilbao should definetly get a rise. 2 goals in 3 starts from the right wing, and when ive seen him play he's looked v lively and skilful, currently 78, should be 83
  6. Re: Inter Milan Ratings Dacourt to 92 Materazzi to 93
  7. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Wahey- dani mallo up to 82
  8. Re: A few highly rated players Maybe no increase for reyes on 2nd thoughts. Materazzi should go up to 93 also, regular for inter
  9. Re: A few highly rated players Just bringing this back up Sergio Ramos- Has been a regular for Real madrid team that won the title, and arguably one of their best performers. 92--->93 Olivier Dacourt- Played 24 times for a very successful inter team, who won serie a by 22 points. Made more appearances than vieira for example. only rated 90, but 91, maybe even 92 would be correct. Following on- has played in the first2 games this season as well. Deffo 92 Add these to list: David Suazo- Played and scored quite a few for inter in pre-season and has played in the first few games for them. Up to 91 Jose Reyes- Quality for real last season, now at athletico. Rated 91 but should be 92 imo
  10. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Agree about dani mallo- im thinking up to 82
  11. Re: Chris Malonga Was about to check if any nancy players deserved an increase..good find
  12. Re: Some players of serie A for the future part 1 Ill say... Criscito Dacourt De silvestri Diakite Bassi
  13. Re: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales Agger to 92 M Richards to 90 SWP to 91 A few scots who I feel should have had a bigger increase- Ryan O'Leary- Started kilmarnocks first 4 games and went to 77, but i think an 80 is more fair. Mark Corcoran- Started st mirrens first 4 games, went to 77 again, but a 79 is more fair.
  14. Re: Alexandre Dantsev - Rostov Id have to disagree with perry, my old teams do very well. For example, my sheff u team with an average age of 33, but has won 14/14 games this season.
  15. Dunno if anyone has a team in it, but i am sheffield united, and after basically ignoring my team for a season, I went down. But, I have won 14 out of 14 so far this season (l and c)!!! Check it out!
  16. Re: john kennedy noticed him when he returned from injury, decent buy imo
  17. Re: Brazil Add gilberto (the lb) to that list as well. He should be 92, not 90 Heh, spoke too soon. Went up to 92 today
  18. Re: Players under 300k likely for increase in rating changes? Kenneth Vermeer,
  19. Re: Jeff Hughes - Under rated? Seen him play for lincoln a bit and not surprised he got a move up the leagues tbh, agree with the increase
  20. Re: Copa America Brought this back up, as germany ratings are approaching
  21. Re: David Carney I reckon he'll probably play for us, if he's a regular could be 82/3
  22. Re: English Championship 3 Just took over coventry!
  23. A week ago I got my account banned for absoloutely no reason that I knew of, and lost my sevilla team which I had had for a long time. I emailed sm a week ago and they havent replied or said anything....................
  24. Re: U 20 Full Report - Part 4 (Forwards) Dunno where you get all this time from... good stuff
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