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  1. Re: Lahm or Maicon? Lahm is the better player. Likely to switch to LB/RB. Maicon has not had a good last 12 months by his own standards.
  2. Re: vladimir weiss Good prospect but was injured for the 2nd half of the year. Off to Espanyol on loan by the look of it.
  3. Re: Who is the best prospect? Ganso is just coming back from a big injury. The two Milan clubs are both being strongly linked to him. I would def go for Ganso.
  4. Re: Sakho for Pastore? Pastore is a top talent and if that is the only way you can get Pastore I would do it.
  5. Re: Pastore Deal Too Good TO Refuse?? Lot of press linking Manchester United with already having made a bid for Pastore. Barca also being heavily linked. Would personally hang on to Pastore as he is destined for the top.
  6. Re: Salvatore Sirigu or Rene Adler? Go for Adler.
  7. Re: How do I report a cheating manager? Dont know how you are supposed to report now. It was much easier the old way. I had similar situation to you last year, reported it and SM were very good in reversing the transfers.
  8. Re: Barry Bannan Very talented player - Keep unless you get big offer.
  9. Re: Busquets or Schweinsteiger?? schweinstieger imo is the better player but for SM Busquetes represents the better investment for the reasons stated above.
  10. Re: Douglas Costa Well known talent. There was a talent scout thread for him at least two years ago.
  11. Re: Ozil +2. Think +2 for Ozil is deserved after his performance at the WC and the fact he is playing very well in a key role for one of the biggest clubs in the world.
  12. Re: WHO AGREES BALE SHOULD BE 92 (or 91) Rise to 92 would have been crazy. He got a fair rise and if he continues to play as well as he is then he will continue to rise.
  13. Re: Bale to 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90 is fine for this change. If he continues playing this well he will rise again before the end of the season.
  14. Re: Kaka to 96 ? 96 most likely but personally I would drop him to 95 (but that may just be cause I dont have him in any of my teams)
  15. Re: Jon Obi Mikel vs. Fletcher imo go for Fletcher he is the better player.
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