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  1. Re: Lahm or Maicon? Lahm is the better player. Likely to switch to LB/RB. Maicon has not had a good last 12 months by his own standards.
  2. Re: vladimir weiss Good prospect but was injured for the 2nd half of the year. Off to Espanyol on loan by the look of it.
  3. Re: Who is the best prospect? Ganso is just coming back from a big injury. The two Milan clubs are both being strongly linked to him. I would def go for Ganso.
  4. Re: Sakho for Pastore? Pastore is a top talent and if that is the only way you can get Pastore I would do it.
  5. Re: Pastore Deal Too Good TO Refuse?? Lot of press linking Manchester United with already having made a bid for Pastore. Barca also being heavily linked. Would personally hang on to Pastore as he is destined for the top.
  6. Re: Salvatore Sirigu or Rene Adler? Go for Adler.
  7. Re: How do I report a cheating manager? Dont know how you are supposed to report now. It was much easier the old way. I had similar situation to you last year, reported it and SM were very good in reversing the transfers.
  8. Re: Barry Bannan Very talented player - Keep unless you get big offer.
  9. Re: Busquets or Schweinsteiger?? schweinstieger imo is the better player but for SM Busquetes represents the better investment for the reasons stated above.
  10. Re: Douglas Costa Well known talent. There was a talent scout thread for him at least two years ago.
  11. Re: Ozil +2. Think +2 for Ozil is deserved after his performance at the WC and the fact he is playing very well in a key role for one of the biggest clubs in the world.
  12. Re: WHO AGREES BALE SHOULD BE 92 (or 91) Rise to 92 would have been crazy. He got a fair rise and if he continues to play as well as he is then he will continue to rise.
  13. Re: Bale to 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90 is fine for this change. If he continues playing this well he will rise again before the end of the season.
  14. Re: Kaka to 96 ? 96 most likely but personally I would drop him to 95 (but that may just be cause I dont have him in any of my teams)
  15. Re: Jon Obi Mikel vs. Fletcher imo go for Fletcher he is the better player.
  16. Re: Advice - Martin Demichelis rating decrease - sell now or not? He is an accident waiting to happen in defence and def deserved to drop.
  17. Re: Xavi & iniesta to 98 and 97 Along with Ronaldo and Messi they are the four best players on the planet and deserve to go up.
  18. Re: Trade PJANIC? Gourcuff's arrival at Lyon as well as Lyon's poor form has effected him. He is still one of the best young players in Europe and is being linked to a lot of top clubs. I would also sell if I could get someone exceptional in his place.
  19. Re: toulalan=1.2million+tasci??? Tasci has great potential but it will be a long time till he hits Toulalan's ratings. It seems a very good deal and I would do it.
  20. Re: Tevez or Mario Gomez? Tevez is having great start to the season. Gomez has done well when he has played for BAyern but its only been recently he has broken into the team and Bayern are struggling badly. Would go for Tevez.
  21. Re: Arjen Robben yes he is still injured. Bayern are furious at the Dutch FA, blaming them for his injury and trying to get compensation. With the level of Bayern's injury crisis they will be desperate to get him back.
  22. Re: Gerrard or Sneijder Sneijder is the better player plus Gerrard is playing for a struggling team.
  23. Re: Santos RAMIRES rating and position change? Think he should stay at 90. Has the potential to rise in the future but has not done enough imo to warrant a rise.
  24. Re: Should I buy Payet He had a great start to the season and was leading the scoring charts. Has been getting into the French team and came off the bench last night for them. Will def rise and if he continues this form he could reach 90 in the future.
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