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  1. Re: Arturo Lupoli & Giles Barnes spoke to lupoli outside the ground after the palace match. he said he wanted to stay if we were definetely in the prem cos of our great fans hes gone to fiorentina on a 5 year contract. told me he was guaranteed first team football. he was waiting for a cab home(lives in london from arsenal days). his girlfriend was there an all. OMG she must be a model or summats. i was like this
  2. Re: Arturo Lupoli & Giles Barnes and whos going to wemberly this season.......ME!!!!!!
  3. Re: Brian clough let him off mark. hes a man utd fan.... he doesnt need to know the name of their manager. i have to agree with you on cloughie, even though you are a f****t fan. although he did take bungs........ was looking forward to seeing you lot on saturday( youre playing orient away and were playing palace.) think kings cross might have seen a bit of trouble . but weve been changed to sunday for sky. again. btw did you see us on sky tonight "we'll never play you again, we'll never play you again"
  4. Re: FIFA - Slightly Anti England completly true. i think i heard afc wimbledon get a massive points reduction for fielding an ineligable player jermaine darlington. regardez 1974 - The Solti-Lobo Case. Juventus escape punishment after accusations that they used a go-between, Deszo Solti, to try to bribe Portuguese referee Francisco Marques Lobo before a Champions Cup semi-final against Derby County in 1973. ( the ref 15 ears later is found guilty of acceptin a bribe and awarding a dubiuos penalty) 1974 - Italian players are accused by Polish opponents of offering money to them on the field
  5. derby derbyshire lost today against plymouth and i'm in a crap b n b with along journey back tomorrow . anyway gosling played and was good but nothing special at all. david norris though.... give that man a rating rise.
  6. if say chelsea came in with a 5 million bid for a free agent worth 5million, then it would be accepted however, if you have say colchester coming in with a bid of 4million for the same player(which would have been accepted if it wasn't for chelseas bid) and both were accepted because they both met the 75% fee...... the player then makes the choice. if the player is rated 85 but has a bright future the player may decide to go to colchester for first team experience instead of never playing for chelsea. what im saying is that sm could mix it up with some players after the money( as the money go
  7. a player in his last year of his contract should be able to become cheaper to buy from unmanageable clubs, simply because this happens in real life. craig fagan from hull to derby is a good exaple and so is tommy smith from derby to watford. clubs rather get some money than none. lucas neil as well.
  8. oh and nav, c ya on saturday when the derby boys roll into town.. youll never seen support like it
  9. hahaha. danny higginbotham a reject of ours. no cerry we sold him cos we were in finanacial trouble. the best players in the championship are dean leacock upson, barnes, larrson, mcsheffery, david jones, kightly, chopra and mat murray in the wolves goal. not forgetting diomansy kamara and earnshaw. the best though is by far and ive seen every team is mat upson, different class.
  10. gudjohnson for me. has vital experience in europe. hes a good finisher and with the players around him he will get you the goals. i know he likes to link play and comes deep but can play CF very well
  11. i was on at this time two days ago and the screen went blank and said creating new setups. two minutes later there was a scrap for the best teams. so ye new setups are being added but some have been added in the last few days so it is unlikely for a while yet.
  12. thanks alot m8, do you think he is worth a gamble now or one to track for the future?
  13. think i read somewhere you watch a bit of the turkish league so do you know anything about ÖZTORUN, Ferhat? CB rated 79, 19 years old also at galatasaray? all i can find is that he has played at U-19 level.
  14. karl henry don't know if he's been mentioned. trawled everywhere to make sure but sorry if he has. He just played for wolves against derby and was impressive(according to radio derby) my car broke down so can't back this up rated 78 i think, certain of an increase as he looks very likely to hold onto his starting place. just came from stoke so people in earlier setups will find him there(if your still struggling with find player/club option) just done a bit of research and he has played all seven games. a dead cert for a ratings rise
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