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  1. i have recieved an offer of 27 million for ronaldinho on my barcelona. he isnt really a starting player but he is a useful squad member. how is he doing these ays and is he likely to rise or fall and should i accept.
  2. Re: squad players yh thanks. ill probably go for marin/bastos and bassong and ill mull over the striker for now. berg is the easiest to get as he is external but i wud prefer gomis
  3. Re: squad players yh cheers mate. but i havnt really got any money to spend so i cant reallly get anyone of huntelaars quality.i thought gomis and bastos would be in for a rise as they have moved to lyon and berg has gone to hamburg. also waht do u guys think of onyewu who has just gone to milan would he be worth a shout
  4. hi, i was wondering if u would agree that i should get rid of these players and suggest which player to buy to replace each position from the players ive whittled it down to out jagielka 89 petrov 89 santa cruz 90 in gomis/carew/berg/pogrebnyak marin/bastos hangelaand/upson//bassong/turner ps: none of these players will be in my first team but i figured that the players ive shortlisted are better prospects than jagielka petrov and santa cruz. so which do u think wud be the best buy for each position. thanks
  5. Re: rusol well yh he would slot straight into my team. i wud ideally like anyukov from zenit but i havent got enough cash. i might try and raise some cash and buy anyukov thanks lads
  6. im after a rb/rm for my club america and ive identified rusol as my primary target becasue he is at an external club. He is 89 and went down in the last ratings. would he be a good buy or will he continue to drop in ratings thanks
  7. Re: club america yh true true i didnt think about that. cheers guys
  8. I recently took over a brand new club america. I dont have a clue how they are doing and what players will be going up or down. i would like to sell some players to rasie cash but do no know who to sell. any help appreciated ive bought threse players Delph 80 Acquafresca 88 Jaaskaleinen 91 Lulinha 82 Walker 75 heres a link to my squad http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=squad
  9. Re: gianlugi buffon probably not tbh ive decided its probably a bad idea to sell him really coz he is the best keeper on the game
  10. should i sell him for 50 million
  11. how will juan arango of mallorca fare in the spanish rating changes?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ive recieved a load of incredible offers for my first team players at bayern munich ill tell you the offers and i would appreciate some advice on whether or not i should accept franck ribery 95 72 million lukas podolski 91 22 million luca toni 94 30 million ferriera lucio 94 32 million martin demichelis 93 39 million philip lahm 93 62 million miroslav klose 93 30 million thanks in advance ps: i highly doubt some of the offers will go through
  13. is thiago silva worth buying does he get much game time for milan coz i was thinking of buying him for my juventus as i want a cb that should hit 90 soon
  14. Re: left back ok thanks is he a turkish international as well
  15. Re: left back i cant i ahve narrowed it down to these lot for a reason that they are all available at unmanaged clubs etc and they can play lb and lm so is there any that will rise do you think
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