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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    I heard it was as follows;

    Man City paid £24.4M to Porto for Mangala. Also paid £14.2M to 3rd party owner + £4.3M to Standard Liege. £42.9M total.

    Horribly overpaid.

    What? No. Please.

    I speak Euros, so bear with me.

    City paid us €30.5M for our 56.7% stake but they negotiated a lower fee for the other 43.3%. Yeah, so Porto valued their stake at €30.5M, but that doesn't necessarily mean City paid another €23M to 3rd parties to get the full 100%. My guess is that Porto struck a deal with Doyen (the 3rd party involved) regarding another one of our players, Brahimi. Basically we'd get a bigger part in Mangala's transfer while Doyen acquires most of Brahimi's rights for our purchasing fee. That's what ended up happening anyway, we only own 20% of Brahimi now.

    The reported £32M fee is a little over €40M. €30M for Porto, €10M for Doyen. That's what you paid for Mangala, not £42.9M lmao.

    Also, 3rd parties are a necessary cancer in Portuguese football, but that's a completely different subject.

  2. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    30 millions for Mangala is more ridiculous than Markovic 25m.

    As in it's too expensive? I don't agree at all. It's about right for what he's worth against the market's current valuation. The fact that David Luiz was sold for such a high bid is a clear indicator of top level defensive players' value these days. Or the stupidity of rich owners. Either way Mangala is much better than Sideshow Bob, so there's that.

    Also, Markovic was sold for 25M euros, Mangala is being sold for 30M pounds.

  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Luis Pité is another story. He's an exciting young player. The kid is a real talent' date=' it was his first season at senior level and he was one of the most impressive players in the team. His technical skills are very good, he has great dribble and a great left foot shoot. I think it would be the best for him to spend another season at Beira-Mar in order to fully develop himself before jump on to a bigger team, [b']but there's already rumours that he may join Braga or even Porto[/b], to play for their B team at first. Imo he has potential to do something similar to what Rafa Silva did this season for Braga, but he needs to keep working hard.

    Yeah, he's supposedly joining us this season or the next one. Talented kid who hopefully won't stay in the shadows for much longer.

  4. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    Any news on Mangala? The rumours I'd heard from our end were suggesting a double deal' date=' similar to the one we were pushing for in January.[/quote']

    We're gonna try to sell Jackson and keep Mangala. With the sales of Fernando, Jackson, Iturbe and Rolando we should be able cover our expenses. And last I heard it was ManU who wanted Mangala, but apparently they're going for Hummels instead.

  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    What about Nuno Reis from Sporting. Is he worth keeping? Currently on loan at Cercle Brugge.

    Yes. As I recall' date=' he was one of the best CBs in the U-20 WC. Loaning him out was a huge mistake, considering how squishy Sporting's defence turned out to be. He's better than the likes of Polga or Alberto Rodriguez and I guess he'll be in the squad next season.

    what about Maicon Pereira (Porto)? Can he reach 89 in the next review??

    Definitely! I always mentioned his potential in older posts. As some of you may recall, I pointed out the similarities to Pepe (including the bald head :D). Anyway, he improved his game a lot and I put him ahead of Otamendi right now. He's still playing regularly as a RB though, God knows why...

    Hi DP' date=' hoping to pick your brains for a mo. Which player(s) would you say have been the biggest surprise(s) of the season in positive terms?

    Any players that are not necessarily household names that stand out to you as potential stars?

    Cheers in advance...[/quote']

    Rodrigo, Ewerton and Carrilo. I do not include James in this lot because he ain't really a surprise, he has always been that good. Anyway, all three of them will get a nice bump in their rating (guessing a +3) and they are must keeps.

    James Rodriguez to 90?

    I'd stop doing predictions if he didn't.

    just a curiosity

    what do you think of jeffren of sporting lisboa?

    i'm managing sporting in a custom game world so it's very hard to decide which players should be sold

    thanks in advance

    Barcelona sold him cheaply for a reason. He is competing with Alberto Rodriguez to see who can stay injured for longer. It's a sad truth. Don't bother with him.

    Can we see Diego Capel again at 90?

    Not any time soon. Sporting needs CL football before getting higher ratings and the only players who'll get 90 are the ones playing for their respective NT's. Capel is not representing Spain ATM and I can't see him being called in the future.

    will oscar cardoso of benfica rise? thanks.

    He doesn't deserve to be rated the same as Hulk or higher than Aimar. But the truth is that his goalscoring record is approaching the same tally of when he first went to 91. And he has CL football. The odds are high' date=' but honestly there are better strikers out there.

    and Rui Patricio on same level?

    Yep, he'll be the starter for Portugal in Euro and he's becoming a top notch GK. 90 is pretty much a no-brainer, but let's see how SM behaves.

    Okay' date='got myself in a new setup. Just taking care of Porto. Since I'm no expert in Portuguese Primeira Liga and rarely watch Porto game except for european game. So I guess I need a few help with this player.

    Which one should I keep or sell?


    [*]DANILO, Luiz

    [*]CASTRO, André

    [*]UKRA, Monteiro

    [*]MANGALA, Eliaquim

    [*]KLEBER, Pinheiro

    [*]SANDRO, Alex

    [*]ITURBE, Juan

    [*]WALTER, Henrique

    [*]PEDRO, Rui

    Sorry for copy and pasta.

    Thanks in advance. :)

    Sell Walter and Rui Pedro. Maybe Ukra as well if you need the money. The others should be kept.

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