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  1. Re: The Drafting League Nope. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php EDIT: Nevermind.
  2. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread Why all the fuss? Ireland won't qualify anyway.
  3. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread Yeah, losing against Denmark is really embarrassing, isn't it? Let's recall the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup, shall we? You know, the one where Sweden didn't even set foot? You lost both matches against Denmark.
  4. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Three new teams completed: Académica, Olhanense and Leiria. I think SM will review Portugal next month, so keep an eye on that. Progress so far: 1.1 – FC Porto 1.2 – Benfica 1.3 – Sporting CP 1.4 – Sporting de Braga 1.5 – Vitória de Guimarães 1.6 – Académica 1.7 – Olhanense 1.8 – União de Leiria Don't bother checking the rest of the thread, it's not updated. And DON'T POST THERE. Cheers.
  8. Re: The Drafting League This! Not to mention my team in SMEL turned out to be an abomination.
  9. Re: !Revival of the SMEL! Geez, my team is so rubbish you wouldn't believe it. Anyway, I'm already participating in Kari's Drafting League, which was inspired on SMEL, thus I feel it would be sensible to put my old place in SMEL available for others who might want the different experience.
  10. Re: The Drafting League Rubbish. I'll do much better than that.
  11. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship The champions! :D
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 12 goals and 8 assists in 12 games. Clearly PSV's MVP so far. I'm not sure about his injury's extension so it might be worth to delay putting a bid right now. I'm sure he'll rise one point though' date=' even if he ends up ruled out for a couple of months. PS.: Are you sure he broke his leg? There's nothing on the internet... Depends on the rest of your team. Dani Alves will be a starter for you, but how many strikers do you have? And are they better than Benzema? If you have two 93+ strikers I'd say to negotiate for Fabregas or Iniesta. If not, then it m
  13. Re: The Drafting League You girls are so annoying... Get to the point already. Then we'll decide if we're helping or not.
  14. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Straight swap for Titus Bramble?
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm looking for 2 or 3 defenders (no matter what position) in the low 80's who are looking to rise in the next changes (whenever they are). I'm coming up short of ideas. Any thoughts? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Re: Swedish Championship 8 Discussion/Banter Thread Meh, I'm too late. There aren't any decent clubs left.
  17. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Wolves continue with their Spanish massacre, this time Getafe was the victim. I just need one more point to retain Div 5's title in England.
  18. Re: The Drafting League Why? The point would be having a competitive league each season. Finishing lower = having a weaker team. So they'd get to pick first. It makes a lot of sense IMO. How do you want to do it then? Using a random order each time? What if the same teams gets to have the first pick in consecutive draws? The reverse league order is perfect in this case. But hey, this ain't my setup. You're the boss...
  19. Re: The Drafting League I think the plan was doing short drafts after each season. Kari can confirm this. We'll need to have a squad cap of course, which means at some point anyone who wants to draft further will have to release players first.
  20. Re: The Drafting League I'm not so sure about that, I think they start on a season-long loan with no recall option. I remember starting a new setup with players on loan to externals with no chance of getting them back before then end of the season. You're right, Quagliarella was on loan at Juventus last season but they bought them. Kelvin should be on loan to Rio Ave, but whatever. Diego is my only concern then.
  21. Re: The Drafting League Massive problem: what about players on loan? I have 3 or 4 of those in my drafted squad (Quagliarella, Diego, Kelvin...). I can't start without them 'cause then I probably wouldn't have the minimum players needed (21) and even if I did my squad depth would be hurt immensely.
  22. Re: SLOVENIA Thread Oct 2011 The sheer volume of work in this thread is immense. Hopefully SM will put it to use. I once thought of doing this for the Portuguese 2nd division but I simply couldn't care. Good job.
  23. Re: New Swedish Championship! I wouldn't spend a nickel with a Swedish team, let alone 4 euros. Nope, it's not me. My name is Guilherme.
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