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  1. Re: SLOVENIA Thread Oct 2011 The sheer volume of work in this thread is immense. Hopefully SM will put it to use. I once thought of doing this for the Portuguese 2nd division but I simply couldn't care. Good job.
  2. Re: New Swedish Championship! I wouldn't spend a nickel with a Swedish team, let alone 4 euros. Nope, it's not me. My name is Guilherme.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I don't know' date=' the competition for a place in the team is tough. Guarin will rise to 89 in the next ratings change and then either him, Belluschi or Defour will rise to 90. Odds are Guarin or Defour since they both start for their National Teams, although the Belgian hasn't featured as much for the club as the other two. He won't play until January. It's best to offload him now.
  4. Re: The Drafting League Meh. Questioning my team's quality? Really?? And I swear Chygryinskiy will tear the game world apart.
  5. Re: The Drafting League I have 4 players from FC Porto. The rest is pretty much evenly balanced. But Kari already knows I want to manage the biggest Portuguese club. I have a problem with the two divisions though. The worst teams in the league get to pick first in the draft. How are we going to do this if there are two divisions?
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  7. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship SM created the "I'm insulted by this offer" option for a reason.
  8. Re: The Drafting League Idjit. But Ola John is yours if you want. All you need is to give away Xavi in return. I'm sure he'll be better off playing with Iniesta instead of letting his talents go to waste in your nursing home.
  9. Re: The Drafting League Am I still an idiot if my three best strikers are either NOT PLAYING (Quagliarella) or in a below-form team (Inter and Milan... ***, they are fighting to avoid relegation. ) But... what about my awesome Italian strikers?
  10. Re: The Drafting League I'd be more than happy to trade any of my Italian strikers for Tevez.
  11. Re: The Drafting League DerbyPower says: "Baaaaaaah!" And just so you know, Marchisio scored twice last night against Milan.
  12. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship I lost against Bolton. It was against a fellow English team, but a loss is always a loss. I'm not too worried though, 'cause 2nd placed West Ham also lost tonight. Meanwhile I got accepted bids for Garay and Luuk De Jong. I definitely have the higher bid on Garay but I'm not sure about De Jong... Both would be excellent additions to my teams, specially Garay since he's rising to 90.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread VdV! Get in!
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I've started with the predictions. Here are the first five teams, the rest will come later: 1.1 – FC Porto 1.2 – Benfica 1.3 – Sporting CP 1.4 – Sporting de Braga 1.5 – Vitória de Guimarães Don't bother checking the rest of the thread, it's not updated. And DON'T POST THERE. Cheers.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I got a P/E bid accepted for Rooney involving Julio Cesar and Robinho (no cash in the middle). I'm the one giving the two Brazilians away. My second GK is Lloris while Robinho will be directly replaced by Rooney. Good deal?
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Didn't he just score against Wolves?
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Kleber is doing fine on his own but frankly Porto isn't playing very well at the moment' date=' at least not compared to our usual standard. He will remain the first choice even if he has a dip in form because the only alternative we have for his position in our 4-3-3 is Walter (Hulk is not an option as a CF). Kleber has the potential to easily achieve a ~20 goals milestone [b']in a weak season[/b]. That says how highly I regard him. As for his rating, he's very young and still relatively inexperienced when it comes to
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... But he did make the offer, right? Well, that's why I only accept deals when the other manager is sleeping.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I don't need help with the deal, I just want to know if Szczesny is sure to get 89/90. I suppose he is, 'cause playing as a starter in a top English club and in the NT gives you that, right?
  20. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship I'm pleased with the signing of Bryan Ruiz. But I must admit it was strange... At least 6 other clubs had him shortlisted and I managed to sign him with no competition. Not only that but I actually made a strong bid, which got accepted, only to withdraw it after realizing there was no competition. Then I made a lower bid and presto! Is there something about him that I don't know? I mean, he's got to be better than the player I used in P/E (Santana), and basically it was a straight swap, though I had to use one of my small risers.
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Just two weeks. Sadly he will not be able to play for Brazil, which would have been great for his rating.
  22. Re: New Swedish Championship! How will the teams be distributed? I'd say we use random.org for all of us except for you. I suppose you want to manage Malshimöt.
  23. Re: New Swedish Championship! I eat svenskar for breakfast.
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