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  1. Re: The Drafting League Too late Carlos, muhahaha. To be fair I'm trying to offload him in the only setup where he belongs to my team... Anyway, I'd be more than happy to trade Quagliarella or Cassano for him if you're interested.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need some help over here guys: I have Tevez and I could make a straight swap for Pedro Rodriguez. Should I do it? I reckon Tevez will drop in the next changes, and I always felt somewhat uncomfortable having him in my team due to his claims of retiring as soon as he reaches 30 or the constant speculation of a return to Brazil/Argentina... Any thoughts?
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Sure. He scores the odd goal and gets called up for the Portuguese NT. He's probably not going to push for the 90, his form isn't as good as last year.
  4. Re: The Drafting League 'Likely to be available'... Meh. Still, we can easily wait those 7 days.
  5. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Nailed yet another Spanish team. Amateurs. Out of curiosity, do we have individual results? I mean, how many points each person brought to his country? It would be nice to compare and also a great ego booster.
  6. Re: The Drafting League Yep, I understand. There are so many strikers who would have been better choices instead of Pazzini... BTW, Serie A's best goalscorer in 2009/2010/2011 was not picked. And his start to the season seems promising again.
  7. Re: The Drafting League Hey guys, random question just for fun: Taking into account the European season so far, which players did you pick that don't seem like good choices now? I'll start: Chygryinsky.
  8. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship I can't stress enough how amazing England is doing. We started with the worst players and in the worst position, yet we manage to stay in second. Truly overwhelming if you ask me.
  9. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship I hate them both, but it's always nice to watch some Frenchmen getting stuffed.
  10. Re: The Drafting League Forget about Porto then. I want a really exotic team. KAIZER CHIEFS! EDIT: As long as SM still has them using the FNB Stadium when the setup opens.
  11. Re: Football Manager 2011 *Evil conscience whispering*: Relooooooooad :p
  12. Re: The Drafting League There's no rush, honestly. We don't know when SM is introducing the new features for the customs and we're nearly finishing the mini-draft anyway...
  13. Re: The Drafting League Agreed with the Denis Suarez solution. I don't think we should wait for him to back anyway...
  14. Re: The Drafting League I pick Ola John (Twente).
  15. Re: The Drafting League I'll take Bruno Uvini.
  16. Re: The Drafting League So what? They had the likes of Xavi, Rooney, Pique or... Aguero. Also, we were the last to chose at the end of the first Round, what's the point of being the last to choose at the end AND at the beginning of the supplemental draft as well? Sorry, but I can't understand this decision. I'll accept it, of course. But I don't understand it.
  17. Re: The Drafting League Really? 'Cause I think it's hideous for those picking last, like me for example.
  18. Re: The Drafting League He hasn't played much this season, but since I have Joe Hart already I figured that I won't lose anything with the gamble. I pick Максим Коваль.
  19. Re: The Drafting League I agree with this. I'd say an additional 3 round draft, to push the squad to a total of 25-men. Sounds reasonable enough? Also, I'd much rather have the rating limit set at 80 instead of 75 for this supplement draft. I mean, the talent available would be in much higher number while still being pretty much a gamble. And the players drafted would be of better use in the cup.
  20. Re: The Drafting League Good! The draft will be finished very soon (1-2 days tops) but it depends whether SM will implement this ASAP or just in a couple of weeks...
  21. Re: The Drafting League I pick Nicolas Gaitan (5enfica)
  22. Re: The Drafting League I pick Mangala (FC Porto).
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